How To Design Professional Name Tags for Events

How To Design Professional Name Tags for Events
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23 November 2022

When it comes to thinking up and creating and designing professional name tags for events, having a professional graphic designer would be the best option. However, not every organization, or non-profit has a graphic designer at hand whose skills they can fully utilize.

In this day and age, however, there are a lot of beginner-friendly tools and software that can help any fledgling designer create a polished and professional output.

So if you find yourself short-staffed, or without enough budget to hire a graphic designer to create a name tag design that you can use, you can go with the options below to help jumpstart those name tag designs.

What to Include in Professional Name Tags for Events?
Before you even start creating the design for your name tags, you first have to plan out what details and information you're going to put on the name tags. After all, you want to lay out all this information neatly on the name badge to avoid any glaring design flaws or typos.

So what are the design elements and details that you have to have when it comes to designing and customizing your conference badges?

1. Your Attendees Names in Big Bold Letters
When it comes to displaying your delegates' names, it's important to have their first names bigger than their surnames. You want their names in big bold letters (recommended 72pt minimum) so that the names are visible even at a certain distance.

2.Company Name & Job Title
This second detail would depend on the type of event you're hosting, and if guests are comfortable and have consented to allowing you to share that information. Being that permission was granted, though, having your name tags contain a little more details about your attendees can help them better steer a conversation, especially if their roles are similar or within the same field.

3. An Ice Breaker or Conversation Starter
Many conferences and conventions exist to help guests and attendees mingle and network with others in the same industry or field. As part of one of the activities you could encourage during your event, you could add a little conversation starter questions to those name tags.

You could go with a pretty generic ice breaker such as: "My favorite cartoon as a kid was..." or you could choose to go with something more centered around your event's theme or industry. For example, if you're hosting a writers' convention, your ice breaker could be something like, "My biggest writing pet peeve is..."

Beginner-Friendly Name Tag Design Tools
When it comes to finding the right tools to make your name tags, there are a number of tools and softwares that you can use to create professional designs. These tools often already carry with them set templates to help you get started at creating those name tags to your liking.

Get Started With Canva
Canva is an online design and publishing tool that virtually anyone can use. They have thousands of available templates, designs, vectors, and photos that can be used for FREE to help you get started. At the same time, their user-interface is incredibly beginner-friendly and easy to navigate through.

Go Direct With Imprint Plus
Now, if you want to go straight to a company that can print and deliver those professional name tags for events for your design, you can also check out Imprint Plus. As a business that deals mainly in printing name badges, they have several often-used templates for you to choose from, as well as an online name tag designer that work very similarly to Canva.

And if ever you find yourself lost or frustrated with the design you're trying to make, you can ask help from their in-house specialists to lend you a hand and give you the support and assistance you need to create the best name badge for your event.

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