How to Detect and Resolve Basement Water Leaks and Cracks?

How to Detect and Resolve Basement Water Leaks and Cracks?

Basements in Lancaster are more prone to water leakage and damage. Issues like cracks in the wall, basement floods, and mold are common in areas bearing heavy rainfall. 

Builders and homeowners find solutions to prevent water infiltration to the basements. It is essential to understand the reasons for the water leakage before finding a solution. In this post, let us explore the critical aspects of basement leak repair service and the fixing of basement wall cracks. 

Common Issues Faced by Homeowners in Lancaster, PA

Need for Basement wall leak repair is a common problem faced by homeowners. These leaks can occur due to many reasons, and we are going to have a look at those issues. 


Sometimes, the concrete foundation dries up too quickly and leads to cracks as the material starts to shrink. Shrinkage is a natural phenomenon after a house is built. 


Once the construction is completed, the foundation starts to sit and settle on the ground. In case of less settling, minor cracks are seen in the foundation, but ground movements can widen the small gaps and create new ones. 


It is the main reason behind the cracks in the basement area. If the ground around the foundation moves, it can result in structural damage. Moreover, these cracks provide pathways for water floods and moisture to enter the basement. 

Fixing A Leak and A Crack in The Basement Wall

If you see a crack in your basement wall or floor, you need to address it on priority. Following are the steps to fix a crack:


It is the first step, and here, you need to inspect your whole basement and find the source of water leakage. There are mainly two types of moisture; indoor humidity or outdoor water leakage. Here is the remedy to test whether you need basement wall leak repair or not. 

Take an aluminum foil and tape it on the basement wall. Now you have to notice for several days. If the moisture comes on the outer surface, the humidity is indoor, and if the foil is wet from the inside, the water enters from outside.

How to Detect and Resolve Basement Water Leaks and Cracks?

Eliminating Excess Humidity:

If you want to keep your basement dry, it is essential to reduce the humidity in your basement. You need to install a vent fan in your basement to help reduce moisture. 

Insulate Pipes:

Leaky plumbing can be one of the reasons behind the water leakage in your home. To fight this problem, check and fix your plumbing and use foam pipe insulation to prevent water condensation. 

Insulating Basement Walls: 

One good way to stop water condensation in your basement is to insulate the basement walls from outside. This will help a lot in homes located in cold regions. Another benefit of insulating the walls is you will get reduced energy bills. However, if you have a leaky basement due to external reasons, avoid insulation, as it can lead to mold production. 

Waterproofing Basement Walls: 

You have the option of applying waterproofing materials like hydraulic cement and waterproof paint to the walls of your basement to prevent infiltration. Properly prepare the surface by cleaning it and using waterproofing products to get a layer of protection. 

Drainage System: 

A drain system can be installed beneath the floor to pump out all the water from your basement. It is an initial investment, but long-term benefits and yearly expenses of other waterproofing methods will cover the cost. 

Gutter and Downspout Extender: 

If your gutter and downspouts from the roof are flowing near the home’s foundation, the water will enter the basement. You must extend the length of your downspouts and gutter pipes to avoid the issue. If water flows far away from your home, there are fewer chances it will come toward the basement. 

What Are the Signs of a Basement Leak?

If you will identify the early signs of basement wall cracks, you can prevent premature damage. Here are some signs to notice:

  • Look for vertical and horizontal (stair-step) cracks.
  • Check if the air inside your basement is breathable, as musty air signifies moisture. 
  • If there are chalky floors or walls, know that the water leakage is the culprit.
  • Water floods are a clear sign of the presence of water under the floor. 


If you want to maintain your home as dry and safe, it is essential to identify the need for basement wall leak repair. Whether you are dealing with minor cracks or significant issues, you need to take the necessary steps to prevent leaks in the future. 

If you are looking for professional assistance for basement water leakage, Basement Waterproofing Solutions is your reliable partner. They provide basement, foundation, and crawl space repair. Additionally, they provide mold remediation services. They have years of experience in providing customized solutions for water leakage issues. To get basement leak repair service, Visit Basement Waterproofing Solutions (BWS Dry) now! 

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