How To Do Anonymous Questions On Instagram?

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How To Do Anonymous Questions On Instagram?

These days more and more people prefer anonymity in social networking. If you're an active Instagram user, you have seen a rise in the popularity of anonymous user accounts. If you're looking to get the opinions of your tons of followers, answering the anonymous question option could be your best option. Keep reading this article to know how to do anonymous questions on Instagram.

Also, yes, it's an option to submit questions to Instagram without having to do it anonymously. Instagram offers a question sticker option that lets users interact with their followers using polls to vote, multiple-choice questions to select from, and more. But the thing is that people tend to express their opinions unabashedly but not mention themselves. It's the reason creators should master how to do anonymous questions on Instagram.

What Are Anonymous Questions on Instagram?

Instagram is a platform for thrilling interactions and engagement that spice up the way we interact with the world.

In addition, because social media platforms are able to alter the game with games and challenges the communication process is more efficient and coherent.

An anonymous message on Instagram is one such example. There is an Instagram sticker Instagram asking people to send you a message anonymously.


The responses will be received to the stickers. But, you won't be able to see the username of the person who replied. This is the beauty of this feature: you can listen to what your friends say but not know who said what.

This allows you to receive unfiltered opinions about yourself since your peers will feel safe being anonymous.

As you'll be receiving anonymous messages you should share them with your close friends only. This will ensure that you aren't attracting unwanted messages from people who hate you and strangers.

What Is the NGL App, and Do You Need It?

NGL is a third-party program that allows friends to communicate with you anonymously. It is possible to download the app via the app store of your device and use it to post the link to an anonymous question in the story on your Instagram story.

When your followers reply to their questions about your story you will get notifications on the NGL app. You can then respond or repost the replies in your Instagram story to answer anonymous questions.

You'll be required to sign in with your Instagram handle once you download the application from your app store. Enter your username, and they'll let you into the application's features.

How can anonymous comments be answered on Instagram? Follow these steps

  • Make your own Instagram story. For doing this, swipe right to reach your account page. Choose an image to be used as a background or just choose any picture from the gallery. Then, you will have the screen appear as follows. The third icon is on the right. This icon is known as an "advertisement"
  • Select then the "Question" sticker from the various choices of stickers available. Press the "Questions" sticker to incorporate it into your story.
  • You will have a sticker with the tag 'Ask me a question. It is possible to change this tag into something else of your own like 'Ask me anything. There is a text box below the tag. This is where users can compose their questions.
  • You can also alter the colors of stickers by tapping the color selection on the right side of your screen.
  • To view all questions that have been addressed by your contacts tap on your story with your questions sticker. To view the entire set of questions, swipe it up and you will see all the queries that were asked of you under the Responses tab.

How can you answer private questions from Instagram using NGL

Once your followers start sending messages and questions anonymously via your NGL Link, NGL will start sending you to push notifications alerting you to your messages. Click on these notification messages to open the NGL app, allowing you to review your messages.

Here's how to respond to your messages:

Step 1: In the NGL app, on the Inbox screen If you have messages, you'll see vibrantly colored envelope icons with hearts. Click on one of them to view its message.

Step 2. On the screen of the message, there will be an anonymous message and two options: Who sent this and Reply.

If you want to see tips to help figure out who wrote the message You can select Who sent this? This is a premium feature that requires a weekly paid subscription of $5.99.

If you want to reply, which is free to do, just click Reply.

Step 3: Once you've completed the step, you'll be taken to Instagram Step 3: You'll be taken to Instagram, where NGL has already created an Instagram Story which contains the question someone asked you.

In the Story add your answer to the query. Select Your story to post your answer to you Instagram Story so that everyone can see the answer.

Final Words

That's how to respond to anonymous inquiries on Instagram! Although Instagram hasn't launched any features to make this happen from their end (plus, we don't need it anymore) However, we did discover a cool third-party app alternative! Thanks to God, we have an NGL app!

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