How To Effectively Lower Your Energy Bills

How To Effectively Lower Your Energy Bills
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15 February 2023

It’s no surprise that energy prices are at an all-time high. According to the June Consumer Price Index report, the energy index, including household utilities and gasoline, has increased by 41.6% since June 2021.

Energy bills are constantly doubling, and research by Energy Saving Trust has revealed that 9.7 million households haven’t made any improvements in their homes to lower these energy costs.

If you’re searching for a way to make your Palmdale home more energy efficient, you’re at the right place. Read on to learn all the methods to effectively lower your energy bills.

Get an Energy Audit

One of the first steps to take to make your home more energy efficient is to get an energy audit.

Many utility companies provide free energy audits to help customers identify areas where they can cut their energy use. Energy audits are an efficient way to comprehensively evaluate your energy use and observe where you’re wasting energy.

This helps to significantly decrease your energy consumption in areas where it’s necessary and cut expenses to save on your energy bills.

After properly assessing your property and energy usage, energy audit professionals will also make customized recommendations and learn about energy-efficient technologies so you can upgrade your home for improved energy efficiency.

Switch Off Standby

a white switch.

Did you know that turning off appliances that are on standby mode can help you save around $100 per year?

Most electronic and electrical appliances are typically safe to switch off at the plug without affecting the programming of the appliance. You can save a significant amount on your energy bills by not leaving any mobile phones or appliances charging unnecessarily and unplugging any charging cables that aren’t being used.

Other steps you can take are turning off the appliances when you’re done using them, investing in energy-efficient appliances (more about this ahead), and changing your standby settings, so the appliances don’t run when they’re in standby mode.

Save Energy in the Kitchen

a kitchen space with wooden floors

There are many small steps you can take to save energy in the kitchen.

Start by being smart about using kitchen appliances. Carefully using kitchen appliances can help you save a lot on your energy bills.

  • Try using a bowl when doing the dishes instead of running a tap
  • Reduce using your washing machine by doing just one cycle a week
  • Use the kettle to boil water instead of using the hob
  • Filling your kettle with just the right amount of water instead of overdoing it
  • Turning off the oven a few minutes before the food has fully cooked

Search for Utility Discounts

Several households struggle to pay their energy bills, especially if they have increased to an alarming level.

This is when signing up for utility discounts can help. You can learn more about utility discounts by contacting your energy provider.

Numerous utility organizations have discounts and programs designed to assist households struggling to pay their energy bills. These programs might also enable you to extend a payment plan and get discounts.

Switch to Energy Efficient Appliances

One of the simplest ways to enhance energy efficiency in your home is by investing in energy-efficient appliances. Consider replacing electrical appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, and the tumble dryer, and opt for something with a high energy efficiency rating.

Keep in mind that old models have not been engineered with energy-efficient technology and have a very low eco-friendly rating.

Energy-efficient appliances come with an energy-efficient certificate which starts rating the appliances from A+++ to G.

The highest-rated energy appliances are labeled A+++, and the lowest-rated appliances are labeled G. These ratings depend on the amount of energy the appliance is using – the higher the rating, the lower the units of energy are being used.

Many manufacturers also provide information on how much energy the appliance is using. So from now onwards, ditch the power-guzzling electrical appliances and go for the ones that will help you save on your energy bills.

Save on Your Water Heater Bill

a white water heater.

Heating water is also expensive ever since the energy rates started skyrocketing. According to a report by, heating water accounts for almost 20% of your energy bill, making it the second biggest energy expense.

Here are some ways you can trim your water heating costs.

  • Lower the thermostat: This is the time to make a trip to the garage or basement and check the temperature of your water heater. If the temperature is set above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, dial it back. This will enable you to save 3% to 5% for every 10-degree reduction.
  • Fix leaky faucets: Make sure that you don’t have any leaky faucets around your home. A slowly dripping faucet wastes around 3,153 gallons of waterin a year. If a hot water tap leaks, you’re just paying for wasted water and the energy used to heat it.
  • Drain tank sediments: Lastly,drain the sediments that accumulate in the water heater with time. Many manufacturers recommend doing this basic maintenance every six months. This is because sediments can make your water heater work harder, leading to a higher utility bill.
  • Insulate the piping: Consider insulating the first six feet of the heater piping to save on your water heating bill.

Use the Thermostat with Care

Turning down the thermostat by only one degree can significantly impact your heating bills. Opt for a smart thermostat, so your living spaces are only heated when you’re using them.

Smart thermostats are the perfect solution for heating your home and saving on your energy bills since they can be programmed to heat different rooms at different temperatures.

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