How to Fix WiFi Extender Not Connecting to Internet

How to Fix WiFi Extender Not Connecting to Internet
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If your wifi extender not connect to Internet router, then you need to reset your extender. The location of the reset button in the extender may vary depending on the brand. The reset button will be present at the back of your extender and press it for 10 seconds using a needle. This will reset all the current settings and allows you to modify your extender to your wish.

Check to see if another similar network is available in your area using other devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. To change the settings of your extender and router, you must first determine the IP address of your Wi-Fi router. Reboot your router and extender, and then rescan. Change the router and extender's passwords and usernames, and keep this information for future connections. 

Issue’s Netgear WiFi extender not connecting to internet

If your Netgear WiFi extender not connecting to internet, then one of the following is the reason behind this:

  1. The device is not properly configured for Netgear extender to use
  2. The software or hardware of the WiFi range extender is faulty. Due to this, the Netgear extender not connecting to the internet on Windows 7/8/10, Linux, Mac, or other operating systems.
  3. Cable connections are loose.
  4. Interference in the path of extenders & signals is another reason.
  5. The extender is placed in a dead zone.
  6. Poor or no connection status of your network adapter.
  7. The extender is showing an orange LED light.
  8. Outdated Netgear extender firmware.

Here is hope that you now know the factor causing WiFi connectivity problems. However, if all things are on good terms from your end, execute the steps outlined underneath to fix the issue.

Fix: Netgear WiFi Extender Not Connecting to Internet-

With no more ado, let’s start troubleshooting the problem-

  1. Place your WiFi extender away from interference-creating devices such as microwaves, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, metal objects, mirrors, glasses, fish tanks, etc.
  2. Check the LED lights on your extender as well as the router. On the off chance that the power light is showing in red color, it signifies that your WiFi extender is not connecting to the router.
  3. A blinking orange LED light implies that the extender is connected to the router but there is no internet/WAN.
  4. Found no issue with the LED lights on the extender and router? Go for loose connections or plugins checking.
  5. Reboot your PC, modem, computer, laptop, extender, and router, and verify if it fixes the issue or not.
  6. If the error is still annoying you, log in to 
  7. Lastly, go for the Netgear extender reset. Just press the reset button on your device and restore all the default factory settings.

Still, Facing the Issue?

We all understand how frustrating it is – when your Netgear extender refuses to connect to the internet. However, it is all dependent on the situation that leads to this issue. Therefore, considering this, For any query, you can visit our website and also call our expert team they will guide you.   

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