How to Get Cryptocurrency License in the Czech Republic

How to Get Cryptocurrency License in the Czech Republic
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26 December 2022

There is no crypto license in the Czech Republic at this time. A corporation must comply with normal authorization procedures and obtain a Trade Licensing Register license to conduct crypto-related activity.

According to the Czech Republic's laws on cryptocurrency, crypto assets are considered "goods" and not payment methods. Although their circulation is not controlled by anyone, it is not restricted. Crypto-assets that resemble financial products like shares or bonds may be subject to financial regulations. All transactions using virtual currency are subject to anti-money laundering regulations.

Czech National Bank (CNB), is the main regulator of the Czech financial markets. It regulates local banks and permits them to provide cryptocurrency-related services as long as AML/KYC requirements are followed.

Different types of Crypto Licenses:

Businesses must obtain a license before they can start operations in the Czech Republic. It is not yet clear what regulatory framework will be used to regulate digital assets. The government has made significant progress in this area, creating a transparent system to obtain permits.

Based on what type of activity you wish to perform, there are four types of licenses available:

  1. Classic
  2. Fiat
  3. Traditional
  4. Specialized 

A Crypto license is vital for any crypto business. If they don't know it, this is something all companies in the industry should be familiar with. It should not be difficult to obtain a crypto license if you are a trustworthy business owner and follow good standards. It is important to know that getting a crypto license can be difficult for budding entrepreneurs who want to start a new cryptocurrency firm. The process can take several months and requires a lot of documentation and paperwork. Entrepreneurs will often have difficulty obtaining a crypto license. In this case, they can approach the white label currency exchange development​​​​ company and get their license quickly.

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