How to Get Free MP3 Downloads for Your Android Device

How to Get Free MP3 Downloads for Your Android Device
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16 November 2022

Android users have it made when it comes to free music, at least if you know where to look for the best deals. Thanks to mobile apps like Amazon MP3, Google Music, and iTunes, you can access millions of songs in the palm of your hand—for free! In this article, we’ll show you how to get free mp3 downloads for your Android device and explore the pros and cons of each music app available in the Google Play Store. Let’s get started!

Amazon Music

When it comes to finding the best way to get free mp3 downloads for your android device, Amazon Music has you covered. With Amazon Music's streaming service, you can listen to any song or album without having to download anything onto your phone. In addition, this service offers a large selection of streaming music stations and live radio stations that provide listeners with an unlimited variety of music choices.

There are a few different options on how you can get free mp3 downloads on your android device. To start, you can purchase music or listen to music with.

Prime music, which is a benefit of being an Amazon prime member. Prime music allows you to stream and listen to more than a million songs as well as enjoy free radio stations based on your favorite artists. As an added bonus, if you own an Amazon Echo or Echo dot, there are over two million Alexa skills that allow you access to even more music listening options. If you want even more free music choices than what’s available with.

Google Play Music

One of the best ways to download mp3 music files on your android device is through Google Play Music. All you have to do is open the app, search for an artist or song, and then press play. The file will automatically download in the background. It's a great way to find popular new releases, as well as deep cuts from a favorite album that you might not be able to find elsewhere! The downside? You can only listen to it once unless you purchase it outright.

There are a few other ways you can get your hands on music files on your android device. One of them is by using an app called mp3juice.

Pandora Radio

There are many free apps available in the Google Play store that allow you to download free mp3 songs. One app, Pandora Radio, is a paid service with a free trial option. The app offers various genres of music and lets you create your own stations. You can also preview songs before downloading them. Pandora doesn't offer all the latest pop hits, but it does have plenty of popular tunes from the last few decades and it's an easy way to find new artists and great music from all genres.

You can easily find free mp3 downloads on Google Play by searching for mp3 or your favorite artist. Be aware, however, that downloading music from less-than-reputable sites is illegal and may infect your phone with malware.


The first step is to download the app from the Google Play store. The app will be compatible with most android devices, so if it's not compatible with yours there may be other apps in the store that are. Once you've downloaded Spotify, log in using your email address and password.

Next, look for an artist that you like and click their name to find out more about them. Scroll down until you see the Free button next to songs from that artist.

Click it and you will be taken to another screen. This screen shows a list of songs with a green button that says Download next to each song. These are MP3 versions of songs and they'll work on any device with an mp3 player, like your computer or smartphone. Just click on any song, then press on Download. You should see a small blue box appear in your browser bar that says Downloading followed by a number indicating how much time is left until your song is done downloading. Wait until it says 100% then you can disconnect from wifi and play away!


To download SoundCloud MP3s on your Android device, follow these steps:

1) Search SoundCloud in the Play Store app and install it.

 2) After you log in, you’ll be taken to a page that shows your feed. Click on any of your songs. The song will then open and play (if it is not already). You should see download buttons at either end of bar at bottom of page (see image below). If they don’t appear, click three dots at top right and click Show Download Options.

3) Tap on download button at end of bar and choose where you want to save your file. When it’s done, you’ll get a notification that it’s finished. The audio file is not saved as an MP3, but will be playable in your Android device.

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