How to get more followers on Instagram? 10 free tips

How to get more followers on Instagram? 10 free tips
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17 October 2023

Social networks have today become powerful tools for communication, visibility and promotion. This is also the case for Instagram, which has millions of subscribers, and every day, the number of subscribers continues to grow. There are many tips for boosting and having more followers on this network. Some are paid, like buying Instagram followers, but others are entirely free.

  1. Cross-promote your hashtags

There are three levels of hashtags. You will find hashtags adapted to your activity,  popular hashtags and

location hashtags. Try to adapt each of the hashtags to your posts. We must, therefore, make the hashtag a fundamental communication tool. Invite your friends, your entourage, your work colleagues or anyone else to follow you on Instagram.

Depending on your means, you can also make prints or posters featuring your hashtag. You also have the option to like or comment on photos or posts from other hashtags. By doing this, you can implicitly get these people to follow you. Obviously,  mass following can be of great benefit to your account click here.

  1. Focus on the creation of original and quality content

To gain followers on Instagram, you need to create highly engaging content. You will have to focus on the quality of your content. An analysis of your posts, stories, photos, likes, comments, etc., generally gives you insight into the quality of your publications. If your analysis shows a negative result, consider changing methods. Failing that, take inspiration from the competition by adding a personal touch to maximize your chances. By standardizing your publications on inspiring quotes, for example, you can quickly increase your number of followers. Some applications help you do a better analysis of your account. Try one of them to achieve your goal.

  1. Interact with subscribers

One of the best ways to gain followers on Instagram is to participate in conversations that create buzz. Place comments using hashtags from the "Tags For Likes" application. Target busy times to connect. At this time, the visibility of your comments will reach a more significant number of followers. They can, therefore, be motivated to become part of your followers. Engage members in conversation. For example, you can post a current topic or news item to be debated. If you have little idea, you can browse the trends to see which topics attract and impress followers more.

  1. Make long descriptions

As part of your strategy to gain followers, consider giving long descriptions to your photos or posts. Indeed, the description of your posts allows fans to have a broad understanding of the image. Better, they know more about the motivations for your post. This will make them curious and want to know more about you. They, therefore, become potential followers who will not hesitate to invite other followers to follow you as well.

  1. Feed your stories daily

Today, Instagram Stories surpass posts in terms of views and engagement. If it is important to post photos to have an active Instagram profile, it is even more important to post stories.

Stories are brief because they can only be viewed for 24 hours. For this reason, you can afford to make more regular and more intimate publications there. It's an entirely different way of consuming social networks that makes it so successful today.

The advantage of stories is that you quickly go from one to the other with a simple "swipe". They can also be found by people who still need to follow you! If one of your stories starts to go viral and generates a lot of views and engagements, the Instagram algorithm will suggest it to more people.

In the video below, you will find a simple and easy tutorial for creating a PRO Instagram STORY in less than a minute!

  1. Post regularly on Instagram

Becoming a Viber, an influencer, and a real buzz man on Instagram can also help you gain followers. The objective here is to make as many daily publications as possible to increase your flow and give you more visibility. You have no limits, so as much as you can, flood the web with relevant and exciting publications. You can choose days when many people are active in making your publications.

As such, the weekend is the ideal time, especially Sunday. If you represent a company, this is even more of an obligation because you must increase the visibility of the latter. It becomes essential for you to work on your posts and schedule them for publication. Also, note that applications exist to help you prepare your posts.

  1. Track the competition's followers

Here's another exciting tip that often pays off. Search your competitors' pages and follow their followers. This way, you get noticed more with the succinct and precise comments that you leave at the bottom of their article. At the same time, you can subscribe to the accounts of celebrities or influencers.

Your posts will, therefore, be seen by their subscribers, who may start following you. If you are bold enough and lucky enough, you can ask them to share or publish one of your content.

  1. Link your account to Facebook

How to get more Instagram followers? All you have to do is connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account. This is a better method to gain followers. Your Facebook contacts are directly imported to Instagram. Your friends can then follow you and vice versa. You also have the option to invite them to follow you. At the same time, all your Facebook posts will be visible on Instagram and vice versa.

If this option does not suit you, you can change it on your Facebook profile. To broaden the connection of your accounts, you can also link Instagram to Twitter. As long as it can help achieve the intended goal, why not give it a try? Failing to link the accounts, inform your friends about your presence on Instagram and ask them to follow you.

  1. Spamming on Instagram

To get followers on Instagram, you need to deploy the basic heavy spamming technique. This is a technique that allows you to like a photo several times to reach curious people. This is possible using the Like4like tag. So, the most curious will be led to look at your post and like it. This technique can also be used on your photos. You can create a spammer group to apply the technique further. Be careful, however, to use this technique sparingly, which could turn against you!

  1. Take care of your profile image

To have a lot of followers on Instagram, the care you take with your profile is also very important. Your profile represents your first contact with followers. If accounts without photos are already not highly regarded, an account with a poorly maintained photo will not be followed. So, to get more followers on Instagram, use your best photo. Obviously, you have to think about changing it from time to time to give a fresh look to your profile.

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