How To Get The Legal Aid From Immigration Solicitors In London?

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Even if you have a lawyer, it's crucial to understand your legal situation. Since this is your case and your life, you must stay informed about what's occurring and make sure your lawyer is acting appropriately.

You must understand your options for the phase and your rights at various points in the system. Anticipating what could happen next will assist you in preparing. You must actively participate in your legal case. This article will help you comprehend how to get legal aid from immigration solicitors in London.

Should I Hire A Lawyer For My Immigration Or Legal Support Case?

Submitting a UK ancestry visa application, an asylum claim, or other immigration or humanitarian application involves a long and challenging process. It is essential to see a lawyer for professional counsel on your application or legal issue if you can. It's crucial to understand that you should only seek professional immigration assistance from those who have been certified as such by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner ('OISC').

You can acquire legal counsel and representation for nothing if you cannot afford a lawyer. The lawyer you will interact with the most might be a caseworker certified by the organization that oversees immigration legal assistance or a lawyer who has earned official certification as a "solicitor."

The term "solicitor" is frequently used to describe any lawyer, even those not formally admitted to practice law. You will typically be represented in court by a distinct type of lawyer known as a "barrister" in immigration or asylum matters. Lawyers are frequently referred to as "counsel."

Getting In Touch With Your Solicitor

Due to their high volume of work, legal aid solicitors may need help to get back to you soon. Remember that they need time to investigate your case, and calling them frequently will prevent them from doing so. However, you should try to have your queries resolved if your solicitor is moderately hesitant to respond to you or needs to explain their position adequately. If necessary, ask someone to assist you in asking the questions.

Asking your lawyer questions is okay because they are there to assist you.

If speaking with your advisor over the phone is challenging, setting up an appointment at their office may be a more convenient option.

You may also write them a letter or send them an email instead. Lawyers frequently find it simpler to respond to emails than to phone calls.

Third-Party Consent

You can ask an acquaintance or supporter to speak to your lawyer on your behalf if you don't feel like talking to them due to stress, emotion, or another reason, but you must give them your express written and signed permission to do so.

It would help if you asked your lawyer for a "Third Party Consent" form that you need to fill out with your details and the information of your supporter to grant your friend, family member, or other supporter permission to do this. The document gets then sent to your lawyer after being signed. Your lawyer must establish your capacity to grant this consent to your supporter.

A busy lawyer may occasionally find it more convenient to immediately chat with or respond via email to a friend or supporter familiar with the legal system. Still, they should let you know when crucial information or questions need to get answered.

Things That You Must Consider

A few things that you must take into account are:

  • Always keep a copy of your paperwork, including anything your lawyer has sent to the court or the Home Office. Keep all of your documents in one well-organized file. Your records should be in chronological order.
  • Always be aware of what your lawyer last did, when they did it, and when they anticipate hearing back from you. If you are unsure, get in touch with them to learn and then take note of it yourself.
  • Before and after each step of your application, you should communicate with your solicitor. If they need to provide updates, get in touch with them.
  • Make that your lawyer has your contact information. Inform your lawyer if your address or phone number changes as soon as possible.
  • Every time you get a letter from the Courts and Tribunals department or the Home Office, you should contact your solicitor.
  • Contact your lawyer before any meetings with the Home Office that are not standard reporting or signing occasions.

Sometimes people complain that more needs to be done to progress their case despite having a particular lawyer for an extended period. Learn why this is happening. Is your solicitor awaiting your collection of proof? Has your lawyer completed all options and is awaiting word from the Home Office?

Meeting With Your Lawyer

When you have a meeting with your lawyer, you must check out the following things:

  • Decide what you must tell your lawyer and what you need to learn from them before arriving for your scheduled session.
  • You should write down some reminders for the meeting. Or, ask a friend to compile a list of topics you want to discuss so you can give it to your lawyer when you meet with them.
  • Consider language in advance. Can you communicate in English throughout your appointment or meeting to comprehend anything you need to know? Or do you need assistance from an interpreter? Ask your lawyer's office whether they can supply an interpreter if you require one, and ensure they are aware of this in advance.
  • Pay close attention to your advisor during the meeting. Feel free to ask your solicitor to explain more slowly to clarify something. Your immigration solicitor's responsibility is to ensure that you comprehend their counsel.
  • If you need help understanding something, it is necessary to express that. If you don't say anything, your advisor might assume you do.

Final Remarks

Legal aid makes it possible for those with no or little income to afford the cost of legal counsel. The legal aid payments go directly to the provider of legal advice, who receives funding from the government for this reason. The Home Office does not employ an advisor for legal assistance.

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