How To Make A Remarkable Logo Design For Your Brand

How To Make A Remarkable Logo Design For Your Brand
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05 October 2023

So you have decided to design your own brand logo. Easy, isn’t it? Draw any shape, enter your business name and you have come up with your logo (many designers suggest this process). Unfortunately, if you really paying much for your logo, you really deserve something unique.

The prominence of an effective and remarkable logo cannot be denied. This is why all businesses focus on logo design. A logo is the visual identity of your brand and builds trust and recognition. This small element of graphic representation conveys the spirit of the brand and unifies all branding activities. Therefore, designing a logo requires extensive skills and knowledge whether you do it yourself or by hiring a logo design service

Designing a remarkable logo is important, so I would like to share my experience about it and some great design advices to create a remarkable logo for your brand.

There are currently thousands of designers in the logo industry producing crappy logos for crowdsourcing sites. As a serious professional, how do you create a quality logo that stands out from the rest? You must respect certain values! With that in mind, let's take a closer look at some logo design tips. Then you can create a great design yourself – read on to find out.

Seven Tips You Should Follow To Create Remarkable Logo Design For You Brand,

Outline your brand identity 

Your logo should be designed according to your brand image. In other words, before you start designing your logo, you need to know your brand’s mission and vision. These two things answer questions such as what you brand offers and why, your goals as a business, and the problems you want to solve for you costumers. By taking the time to outline your brand identity, you can create a logo that fits your brand so you don’t have to rework it a year later.

As you go through the process, having a words list that define your brand, the services of products you offer, and how you want your customers to perceive you can be very helpful. After creating your word list, create a list of shapes or symbol to capture the words you have already written. Then think about the colors that correspond to these words, shapes and emotions.

Get inspired by your competitors 

Custom logo design process begins with a little inspiration. Look for the logos of successful brands that you love and can relate to and ask yourself what those logos are. Is it a text logo, a graphic logo or a combination of both? What makes your logo interesting or unique? What does your logo say about your brand? 

Using images, colors, text, or all of the above, how do you get studying the logos of successful brands helps you understand what makes them effective, and ultimately how to design great logos.

Choose a design style that matches you brand personality 

Make sure your logo design style is suitable for your target brand. A logo is often the starting point of a complete brand identity and determines the overall look of the brand. 

Shouldn't the style be more classic? Modern? Or is it a handmade print? Make sure your logo reflects the brand you've created and effectively communicates about your brand. 

Don’t let your ego bother you! This logo does not apply to you unless you’re designing for a personal brand, in which case it's all up to you, and more importantly, your audience!

Pick colors attentively 

One of the important considerations to take into account when designing a logo is the use of colors. It’s not an insincere choice, the colors have meaning and convey ideas. 

Sometimes it’s limited by brand colors, sometimes it’s free to explore. Color grabs you, pulls you in, brings the artwork to life and gives more context to the shapes in the landscape. 

Remember, a good logo that is versatile always functions well in grayscale, in addition to grayscale, there is also an all-monochrome version that only uses black and negative space. It will be a bit difficult, but certainly possible.

Pay attention to typography 

Sometimes readability is lost due to the style of creating icons and logos from brand names and it’s initials. You without doubt want to know how well other people can read your logo content. A hard-to-read logo can irritate viewers and make it harder to remember your brand name, while a mispronounced logo can redirect you to a completely different business. 

Consider how the typographic style used conveys your message to your audience. Sans serif fonts are brighter and more modern than formal professional serif fonts. Handwritten fonts look girlish and handcrafted.

Keep It scalable

The concept of scalability plays an important role when designing a logo. You will add your logo to your website, social media accounts, business stationery, billboards and marketing materials. So your logo should work in all of these sizes. 

Scalability is as important as responsiveness in designing a logo. By this I mean how the logo adapts or changes in different sizes and orientations. For this reason, you should either experiment with small and large sizes of your logo, or create several types of your logo for different mediums.

Make sure your logo is simple and memorable 

Streamline your logo design to increase versatility and recall rate. Logos that are too detailed are difficult to replicate and intricate elements are lost when the logo is scaled down or printed. Additionally, complex logos are hard to remember and time-consuming to process. Keep your logo simple and clean and omit graciously attractive elements such as excessively complex touches, gradients, and effects.

Final Thoughts

So now you are well aware of how to make a remarkable logo design. As demonstrated, designing a remarkable logo that will stay with your brand for years to come is no easy task. Start by thinking about what is the purpose of your logo, then look at what’s already there. 

If you follow the steps here, you may change your mind and make changes, but that's okay. I really encourage you! Logo refinement helps you find the perfect logo for your brand to show proudly on your online assets and marketing materials.

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