How to Make Your Business Profitable Through Facebook Marketing

How to Make Your Business Profitable Through Facebook Marketing
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You cannot market your business successfully unless you understand the unique opportunities that this platform has to offer. There are so many ways in which Facebook marketing differs from other media. 

In the same way, you cannot run a TV ad on the radio, you cannot replace Facebook ads with Google ads. It means that the way you deal with Facebook marketing is very different from how you market on websites or magazines. 

Never Use Facebook Marketing for the “Hard Sells”

Most people who use Facebook know that it is a great place for social fun. Here, you will chat with your friends, check out videos and photos, and just relax. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful when using it for digital marketing.

Remember you have to join conversations and then become part of those communities. Don’t behave like an entrepreneur ‘outsider’ that is trying to sell his products aggressively. 

Hard sell strategies like the use of advertisement slogans, posting about a particular product or service repeatedly, providing product lists and prices while isolating related products will make people unfollow you. Some of them may end up leaving a negative review about your brand. 

Have a Clear Strategy and Goal

You need a clear goal whenever you are using Facebook marketing. The other thing you need is a strategy for achieving that goal. For instance, you may need to increase the sales that you get from Facebook by 20% in the next one year. 

The strategy to create a post that features a special of the day each morning. You can also use a coupon code to help you track all the sales of the day. 

You can also post one photo each day that features a customer who is your “Queen” or ‘King’ of the day. The other strategy is to encourage users to post their products that show how they are using your product. 

The purpose of Facebook marketing strategies and goals is to provide direction to your Facebook marketing. It is a great way to help you in measuring your success. 

Create the Voice of a Human Being for your Business

Most people on Facebook enjoy talking to each other and not impersonal businesses. The people you entrust to manage your Facebook page should write in a voice that sounds likable and real. The marketers should also use a style that perfectly suits your business. 

As a business owner, you should also give them the permission to express everything in their own words. Avoid the official office line or company jargon when marketing on social media. 

Post Regularly  

Unlike traditional media such as television and magazines or online media like web pages, social media marketing revolves around frequent updates. Recent research reveals that those who use Facebook check their pages over 25 times weekly. 

Therefore, they should be able to notice that you keep on posting new materials. Some experts will advise you to make a post at least each day. However, like content marketing, only post when you have an interesting piece. It is upon you to determine how many times your audience will want to hear from you each week. 

Encourage Comments and Reply to Them Quickly 

Encourage your fans on Facebook to post their own comments about your brand or a topic that interests both them and you or respond to your posts. In case of a new post, make sure you respond immediately, especially within 24 hours. 

If you fail to respond, you will weaken the willingness of your friends on Facebook to engage with you. With time, you will discover that they are gradually drifting away from you. You can also share the same posts and comments on snapchat, Instagram, etc. 

Use Videos and Pictures 

Videos and pictures are a major element in the appeal of Facebook marketing. Therefore, using them frequently will keep your target audience entertained and engaged. 

For instance, if you are a retailer, you can post the arrival of new stock. The use of photos and pictures is applicable across all industries and businesses. 

Most people will follow your business page because of giveaways and discounts. You can also use games and contents to keep your Facebook page alive. Facebook is also a great tool to use on distributing customer surveys. 

Keep the surveys short so that users can click on them easily. It also means that they will not ignore them and comfortably share with their friends. It is a great platform especially if you want to learn how to start an online business. 

Nurture Your Relationships

Building good relationships with the other Facebook users takes a lot of time. Therefore, you need to practice a high level of patience especially if you run an online business. 

Engage in conversations sincerely, deliver useful content, and create rewards for your loyal clients as this will help you in fostering positive relationships. Some of them can be in the form of content tips like how to start a business with no money. 

Promote the Facebook Page

Sem is highly competitive and hence you will not succeed unless you promote your Facebook page. That is why you need to promote your Facebook web page throughout the business so that the social media efforts work hand in hand with the traditional methods of marketing. 

Your Facebook address should be on your email signature, in advertisements, in stores, websites, business cards, and letterheads. The Facebook address should also be present in your blogging. If you know how to start a business with no money, make sure you include this as a strategy. 

Use Facebook Insights to Understand Your Customers

Facebook Insights have a lot to say about the individuals who decide to like your page. Once you know the characteristics of your Facebook friends, you can tailor your offers and posts to meet their interests and needs. This will also help you to target your SEO efforts appropriately. 


Facebook marketing is a great tool that can be used in all businesses including the stock market. Even a small business that rides on a free theme can still benefit from Facebook marketing. Take advantage of all the above tips to use this platform to enhance your marketing efforts. 

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