How To Plan And Design Your Dream Home Extension: A Step-By-Step Guide

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If you're looking for a step-by-step guide to planning and designing your dream home extension, then this is the post for you! In this post we'll discuss how to plan the perfect home extensions for your home, from considering your budget and land space to developing floor plans, creating a floor plan and choosing the right materials. Let's get started!

Decide on the right form of extension

When deciding on the right form of extension for your home, it's important to consider what you need and what will work best with the existing structure.

There are three main types of extensions:

  • An additional room at the back or side of your property that can be used as an office or spare bedroom. This is often referred to as a rear dormer extension because it involves adding an extra storey onto your house by extending over part of your existing roofline. It's also possible to create an L-shaped plan by extending along both sides (see below).
  • A new floor level within an existing space such as a loft conversion where there isn't enough headroom for another bedroom but there may be enough room above it - this would require removing ceilings and floors between rooms so they become one big open space where other facilities such as toilets could also be added if needed; if this sounds like something right up your street then read our guide here! 

Adding extra living space onto an existing terraced house by extending upwards rather than outwards which allows greater flexibility when planning layouts because things like windows aren't fixed in place like they would be when building from scratch.

                              How To Plan And Design Your Dream Home Extension: A Step-By-Step Guide

Choose the right location for your extension

Choosing the right location for your extension is important. You need to consider:

  • The structure of your house. Is it old or new? Will there be any issues with foundations, walls or roof?
  • The safety of the location. Are there any dangers nearby, such as busy roads or noisy neighbours?
  • Views from the extension and how they might change over time if trees grow up around it. This can affect how much light gets into your room after dark (and whether you'll want blinds). It may also mean that you'll want privacy screens on windows at some point in the future - so think about what kind of view is best suited to each room before deciding where exactly those windows should go!
  • Light and ventilation - these two things go hand-in-hand but are still worth considering separately because they're not always compatible with one another; this means making sure there's enough natural daylight coming through during daytime hours without compromising privacy by having too many windows facing outwards towards neighbouring properties/roads etc.

Decide on the right design for your home extension

Once you've decided on the right design for your home extensions, it's time to think about how big or small you want your extension to be.

It's important to consider the shape and size of your existing house before deciding on a design. This will help ensure that your new space fits into its surroundings without being too big or too small for its setting. 

You may also want to think about what types of rooms or features would work best in each part of the house: for example, if there is plenty of space available outside then perhaps an outdoor room would be ideal; if there isn't much room inside but plenty outside then maybe an outdoor kitchen could work well?

When considering how much space has been taken up by existing structures such as garages (or whether they need replacing), remember that most extensions are designed so they don't take away from these areas - meaning homeowners can still use them after their extensions have been completed!


If you've been looking to add on to your home, we hope this guide has given you some ideas. It really is possible to do it yourself if you have the right tools and know-how. Whether your goal is adding an extra bedroom or converting an attic into living space, we can help!


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