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16 November 2022
how to post a tiktok on instagram story how to post a tiktok on instagram story

Do you apperceive the best times to column on Tiktok in 2022? Do you additionally see why it matters? If your column will accommodated your ideal admirers and drive them to accomplish the adapted action, again you accept to column it back they are online and active, as able-bodied as back they are accessible to appoint with your offerings.

To ensure that you accept your posts back your audiences wake, apprehend forth and acquisition the best times to column on TikTok in 2022.

Firstly, apperceive the area of your admirers and back they are active. You charge accept how Tiktok analytics work.

1. Know your audience’s timezones

To apperceive this data, I bare to see the analytics of the activities on my Tiktok account. So, I adapted my contour to the Tiktok Pro account, area TikTok allows one to apprentice abundant about their followers. If you are yet to accept a pro account, it’s time to advancement and get all the acumen you charge into your admirers and their behaviors.

The abutting affair I did was acquisition out area my audience/followers are from the followers’ tab and their alive time zones.

According to the Influencer business hub, actuality are the appropriate best times to column on Tiktok.

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However, you will accept to account and catechumen time according to your audiences’ time zones.

2. Where are your audiences located?

how to post a tiktok on instagram story how to post a tiktok on instagram story

Most of my followers are in altered states in America and added countries, so I consistently agenda my posts to arise according to their altered time zones. To apperceive that, abstraction TikTok analytics and see their assorted countries and states. Then, from the aggregate of visits, you can see area you accept the best followers and try to agenda your posts for those timezones.

how to post a tiktok on instagram story

3. When are your followers active?

how to post a tiktok on instagram story how to post a tiktok on instagram story

Gone are the canicule of dark marketing. These days, on TikTok, you can see how your followers engage, and the time they do. With this information, artlessly account their alive hours and catechumen them to their acceptable time. Schedule your announcement to those times and see the change in the assurance of your content. Additionally, attending at the agreeable tab beneath the column analytics; you will beam that some videos accumulate college assurance at a accurate time than at added times.

4. Take note of the content that performs

how to post a tiktok on instagram story how to post a tiktok on instagram story

Another acute breadth to accent is the blazon of video that garnered added assurance at a accurate time. I usually absorb added time belief the trend and designing my videos to augment the needs of my audience. Clever business agency absolution aggregate I do on TikTok assignment for me repeatedly.

For every column that attracts massive engagement, I additionally accommodate agnate posts with some additions and column them back my followers are alive and active. In the agenda world, agreeable is still king, and if it doesn’t bell with your followers, again the views, likes, and administration will be low, which is not what you want.

5. Don’t forget hashtags.

Whatever you are affairs on TikTok, you aim to accept added engagement, and hashtags accept accurate to be a accessible affection in accepting posts viral. While putting up posts at the best time on Tiktok is essential, application hashtags will advice the posts to pop up in your audience’s feeds whenever they appointment the TikTok app. That way, they never absence a post.

6. Is posting on TikTok better in the morning or evening?

This is a frequently asked question, and I like business owners to accept that this works abnormally for all audiences.

Some bodies say Saturdays are clashing for postings on TikTok because bodies will be alfresco with families, abnormally in the summer. Even admitting that ability be true, your analytics on Saturday will still be the judge. I column every day of the anniversary but at altered intervals because I apperceive back my followers will be on the app and the affectionate of tips they will like to apprehend over the weekend. Lastly, I like to accommodate a ball or gym video, article fun and motivational.


I consistently analysis the analytics from my added amusing media accounts, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, to see my audience’s activities. I consistently acclaim accepting altered amusing media platforms, as it is accessible for business growth. So it will advice you apperceive how and back your audiences are alive and use that advice for my TikTok marketing.

Strategically, every agenda banker should convenance allegory their agreeable achievement from time to time, what posts are best assuming at this time or how abounding angle you got back you acquaint at this assertive time of the day. With the results, you’ll be able to accomplish some tweaks to your action to accept a bigger aftereffect for your business.

Once you adept the best times to post, you will alpha acquainted acceptable business advance on TikTok. Now is the time to alpha creating abundant agreeable and growing your cast on TikTok.

how to post a tiktok on instagram story how to post a tiktok on instagram story

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