How to Repair Cracks in Your Home's Foundation

How to Repair Cracks in Your Home's Foundation
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15 November 2022

You can commonly see those minor cracks in the foundation of your home. However, these minor cracks won't threaten your home's structural integrity. But lots of small cracks can be an entry point for the groundwater to seep in, causing water damage during the springtime. Inspect the cracks and get them fixed very soon, as it would save money and time in damage repairs. Here, let us explore how to identify the cracks and ways to repair them.

  • Identify And Read Cracks

Cracks can appear in the basement walls, particularly on the windows, doorways, or walls meeting the ceiling. Concrete cracks happen at the stress points when the floor or poured concrete wall is interrupted by inside corners or by the placement of the window.

Cracks can open in the ceramic or vinyl tiles of the concrete floor. Basement flooding or water seepage occurs during heavy rains. Brittle or chipped concrete on the bottom sides of your house allows for cracks to form.

  • How Do You Read Cracks?

 Spider-like or hairline cracks occur in the space between the concrete blocks, and you can fix them.

Cracks found in an L-shaped section are shrinkage cracks that wander and taper off the hairline. It doesn't cause a structural issue, but you must seal it to keep the basement dry.

Cracks following the spaces between concrete blocks are of concern, particularly when the wall juts at uneven levels. The moisture problem can also exert pressure on the walls.

Horizontal cracks that appear on the walls are the serious ones. The horizontal crack high on the wall is due to the freeze-thaw cycle. When water from downspouts saturates the area, it freezes and exerts pressure on the basement wall.

  • Options For Crack Repair

When you come across small cracks less than 1/4 wide, apply concrete waterproofing paint over them. You must occasionally check to see if the paint is cracked due to pressure. Otherwise, go for a premium-quality caulk to fill the joint. The polyurethane caulk remains pliable for all the ongoing contraction and expansion. Spray some water in that area twice a day to cure it and prevent cracking. If you find a big crack, hire a foundation crack repair Toronto service and fix them. You can give a call at Concrete Crack Repair to have a foundation crack repair Toronto expert repair your foundation crack.


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