How To Repair Mini Split Air Conditioner

How To Repair Mini Split Air Conditioner
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10 August 2023
  1. Make Sure the Power Source is Connected: Make sure that the power source is connected to the mini split air conditioner and that the circuit breaker is on.
  2. Check the Filters and Clean Them: You should inspect the filters regularly, twice per year, and determine if they need to be cleaned. Clean them using a soft brush, detergent, and warm water.
  3. Replace the Coolant: You may need to replace the coolant in your mini split air conditioner installation if it is not functioning properly. To do this, you must locate the coolant reservoir and then open it up with a wrench. Drain the old coolant, and replace with fresh coolant. Make sure to read the instructions on the coolant bottle before doing this.
  4. Inspect the Components: Look for any visible damage to the components of the mini split air conditioner, such as leaking coolant, frayed wiring, or broken parts. If any of these are present, you will need to replace the component in order for the unit to function properly.
  5. Replace the Refrigerant: If you have determined that the refrigerant needs to be replaced in your mini split air conditioner, you should have a professional do so. This is often something that should not be attempted by anyone who is not qualified to do so.
  6. Check the Air Flow: You can check the air flow of the unit by taking off the front panel and feeling for air coming out. You can also use a digital thermometer to measure the temperature of the air. The temperature should be relatively the same at the vents. If not, then you should replace the blower motor.
  7. Look for Blockages: Make sure that the ducts are clear and free of any blockages. Check for any visible damage as well, and if anything is blocking the air flow, it should be cleared.
  8. Check the Thermostat Control: If the unit is not cooling properly, you should check the thermostat control to ensure that it is set to the correct setting. Make sure that the temperature is not set too low and that the fan is running properly.
  9. Check for Leaks: Check for any leaks in the air conditioning system. This can be done by using a pressure gauge, which will measure the pressure level in the system.
  10. Repair/Replace Damaged Parts: If any of the parts of the system are damaged, you should have them either repaired or replaced. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace the unit completely.

How to Repair a Mini Split Heat Pump Without Losing the Freon

  1. Before beginning the repair process, make sure that your heat pump is disconnected from any power/electrical sources.
  2. Locate the internal components of the mini split heat pump repair service. This will involve removing the outer covers of the unit.
  3. To prevent losing freon, it is important to ensure that you have a hermetically sealed container to collect the old freon.
  4. Carefully inspect the heat pump’s components, including the wires, tubes, pipes, and evaporator coil. Make sure that all components are in good condition.
  5. If any of the major components have broken or worn down, replace them with new parts. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for replacing the damaged parts.
  6. When all components have been replaced, reconnect the power and test the heat pump. Allow it to run for a few minutes before turning it off.
  7. If there is no refrigerant gas left in the system, add freon according to manufacturer designations. This will ensure proper performance and increase the life of your heat pump.
  8. Once the freon has been recharged, turn on the power and run the heat pump for a few more minutes, to make sure that it has been correctly installed.
  9. Finally, replace all of the covers and inspect the area for signs of leaks. If any are present, close them as soon as possible.

 How to Repair Senville Indoor Mini-Split?

Here are some easy tips how to repair senville indoor mini-split by A/C Pros professional team-

  1. Turn off the unit. Unplug the unit from the wall. 
  2. Remove the front panel of the unit. 
  3. Inspect the fan, coils, and all the internal components. Look for signs of damage or worn parts. 
  4. Clean the unit using an air compressor or soft brush.
  5. Replace any necessary parts. Make sure they are compatible with your system. 
  6. Reassemble the unit.
  7. Turn the unit back on and check for proper operation.


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