How to revamp your eyeliner packaging

How to revamp your eyeliner packaging
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Eyeliners are one of the most popular cosmetic products, and no make-up look is complete without them. Furthermore, numerous companies offer this essential make-up product in amazing colors and various forms as well. So, what can make your eyeliners stand out in this tough competition? The answer is the packaging. This is because the kind of packaging you use determines the reaction of the customers. If the packaging is impressive and eye-catching, more people will be attracted to the eyeliners. Moreover, people base their buying decision on the packaging as well. So, if you want to upgrade your eyeliner boxes, this guide is here to help you out.

Choose a design that suits you best

How to revamp your eyeliner packaging

The first step to creating the right packaging is to find a suitable box. There are various designs available that you can choose for packaging eyeliners. Furthermore, packaging companies also offer samples and templates to make your decision easier. You can also customize the shape and size of the design as well. Here are some of the box designs you can use for wholesale eyeliner boxes:

• Sleeve boxes.

• Two-piece boxes.

• Five-panel hanger boxes.

• Tuck-end boxes.

Additionally, packaging companies also allow you to personalize the coating of the boxes. Hence, you can use any coating of your preference for the boxes. The three coatings you can use for catchy custom eyeliner boxes are:

• Gloss coating.

• Matte coating.

• Spot UV.

Amp it up with various design options

Creating prominent and eye-catching boxes is crucial for increasing your sales. This is because customers face numerous options when purchasing eyeliners. Hence, it is crucial to create impressive boxes so customers are tempted to buy your eyeliners. Furthermore, unique packaging is also an excellent way to promote and advertise your eyeliners and other products. Additionally, packaging companies offer various design options for you to create your ideal packaging.

For example, you can use any color combination of your choice for the boxes. A distinctive color scheme can play a vital role in creating special boxes. Furthermore, you can also get your desired results with the help of customizable color models. The available models are:


• PMS.

Moreover, you can also enhance the boxes with personalized add-ons. Add-ons are an excellent way to create artistic eyeliner boxes without spending a lot of money. Furthermore, there are several unique add-ons that you can use, such as:

• Foil stamping.

• Debossing.

• Spot UV.

• PVC windows.

• Die-cutting.

Make use of quality materials

How to revamp your eyeliner packaging

It is necessary to deliver the promised eyeliners to customers. Hence, to keep the eyeliners secure and effective, it is required to use good quality packaging. So, the best way to create such packaging is to use durable materials. Such materials will help you develop sturdy boxes and positively affect the result of all the customizations. Packaging companies provide different materials for eyeliner boxes wholesale.

The reason for its popularity is that it is not only sturdy but budget-friendly as well. Thus, this material allows you to create strong boxes without being heavy on your pocket. In addition to this, you can also make use of rigid material as well. This material is durable and can be customized for various purposes as well. Additionally, it is also suitable to be used for deliveries as well.

Kraft material is another great choice for you. This fantastic material possesses many impressive qualities. For instance, kraft material is environment-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable as well. Therefore, eco-friendly eyeliner boxes and lip balm boxes are excellent choices for you and the environment.

Let the boxes do the talking

Customers can’t decide if any eyeliner is suitable for them until they know more about it. So, how would you let people know about the exceptional qualities of your eyeliners? Through the boxes.

You can do this by utilizing customizable printing. With this customization, you can print anything you want in any way you require. So, you can use this handy tool to convey essential details about the eyeliners to the customers. For instance, you can include impressive qualities to persuade customers to make a purchase. You can also include information such as directions for use or expiration date etc. Thus, by reading the eyeliner box packaging will be able to decide if they should buy the eyeliners.

Furthermore, you can also pick the printing technique for the custom printed eyeliner boxes. The three techniques you can choose from are:

• Flexography printing.

• Offset printing.

• Digital printing.

Enhance the packaging with windows

How to revamp your eyeliner packaging

A good display is also an excellent way to attract more customers. Hence, you can upgrade your display by adding windows to the boxes. With this customization, you can add die-cut windows of your preferred size and shape to the boxes. These die-cut windows are then covered with PVC, so the eyeliners stay safe.

So, by using window eyeliner boxes, you can give customers a glimpse of the eyeliner inside. This will help customers get to know more about eyeliners. Furthermore, they'll be able to see what the eyeliners look like without opening and damaging the box as well.

Choose UrgentBoxes to create the boxes for you

UrgentBoxes is a company where you can get personalized solutions for all your packaging needs. Their expert staff is equipped with all the necessary equipment to create quality boxes for you. Furthermore, they use the best materials and techniques to create customized eyeliner packaging boxes for you. Moreover, offer free delivery all over the USA as well. You can also visit their website or contact their customer support for more details.


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