How To See The Profiles I Visited On Instagram

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How To See The Profiles I Visited On Instagram

The application Instagram not only hides unsend messages from recipients but also blocks any views from other users until you engage with their posts or Reels. It is also important to note that IG Stories are the only type of content on Instagram where users get notified if they are viewed by someone. What if you're looking for how to see the profiles I visited on Instagram?

We'll be providing steps to help you check your IG searches if looking to find out how to see the profiles I visited on Instagram. The two options below will show you, how to see the profiles I visited on Instagram recently.

Does Instagram not let you browse the profiles you've visited?

If for any reason you're unable to view the history of visited profiles on Instagram Don't worry! There's a second method you can carry out to access this information without too many hassles:

Instagram stories include all searches you've made within the social network.

  • Within Instagram Instagram app, you need to click on the tiny magnifying glass located in the lower corner on the right side of your screen.
  • In this case, you'll need to click on the area that says "Search".
  • In less than a second, Instagram will list all the profiles you have been to.

Be aware that this social media platform stores all the actions you take within it. As such, you'll also have access to other information (visited URLs, "like" that you have provided, etc.). On the other hand, if you usually visit profiles via"feed "feed" unfortunately you will not be able to view the previous history of the profiles you have visited.


Without much more to add in this regard, we take advantage of this opportunity to remind you that you can also be aware of if you're being blocked on Instagram, a trick that can let you know whether someone is bored of the content or stories you share on your account.

How to See the Profiles I Visited on Instagram

Instagram doesn't offer a feature that allows users to see the profiles they've visited due to security reasons. However, you can look through your recent searches via the search bar to see any profiles you've visited. You can also look through the "Posts You've Liked" section to see the photos and the pages that have posted them.

However, as we've mentioned that you can't directly look up the list of Instagram profiles you've already visited, there are workaround methods that you can test.

Let's take a look at these techniques for workarounds in greater depth right now.

Workaround Method: See the Profiles You Visited on Instagram by Checking Your Recent Searches

The easiest method for you to look up the accounts that you've visited through Instagram is to have an overview of your most recent searches.

After all, you wouldn't look up a specific Instagram user if you had no intention of checking his profile, would you?

In that case, it is possible to do this by using the search bar on the Instagram app.

If you're accessing Instagram using a computer, you'll see the search bar on the topmost section of Instagram's "Timeline" page.

From there, simply click (and not enter anything) within the search box until you see a dropdown menu appear.

You'll then see a list of recent searches you have made on Instagram's primary search feature. If you spot any usernames on the list, they're the accounts you have visited.

If you're using the mobile application, whether you're using an iPhone or Android device, click the magnifying glasses icon alongside the home button at the menu at the bottom.

In addition, the profiles you've looked up via the web Instagram version Instagram will also be available as long as you made these searches using the app's search bar.

Another method to get access to your "Recent Searches" page on the mobile app of Instagram is to navigate to your "Profile" page.

Here's how:

Step 1: Hit the "Profile Picture" icon on the bottom menu.

Step 2: On the Instagram "Profile" page, press the hamburger menu.

Step 3: On the menu that displays click "Your Activity."

Step 4: Under the "Your Activity" page, scroll up until the "Recent Searches" option appears. Tap it.

Final Words

This is about how to see the Profiles I found on Instagram so that you can see what accounts have that you've recently searched for.

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