How to start a p2e NFT marketplace like Axie Infinity clone script?

How to start a p2e NFT marketplace like Axie Infinity clone script?
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26 September 2022

Axie Infinity clone script is a p2e digital game that is decentralized and multi-tested source code which allows you to launch your based-blockchain NFT marketplace. Axie Infinity clone is a digital pet game that is based on battling and purchasing the NFTs that users can earn through the game features like breeding, battling, and land.

Axie infinity-the original game script- is a universe-based game that is containing plenty of game characters. Players can trade on this Ethereum blockchain-based game that compromises an NFT marketplace where players can trade the game items. You can develop and deploy axie infinity clone including gaming features to monetize tokens.

What is axie infinity clone?

Axie Infinity clone script is a gaming platform that is known as a play-to-earn clone game script that is based on the ETH blockchain and users can play and earn crypto tokens within the games. The players in axie infinity platform can play games and tokenize their gaming achievements on decentralized exchanges. In this game, players can own game creatures named axies that are non-fungible tokens. The players can battle and breed axies which leads to earning tokens.

The essential feature of axie infinity is the marketplace where axies and gaming accessories can be sold and traded via SLP and AXS. To recreate this marketplace, you can use axie infinity clone script compromising the same function and features of axie infinity gaming platform.

Axie Infinity clone platform is an earn-to-play game

The concept of Axie infinity clone is to attract a large range of players to the platform to achieve tokens and give ownership. This play-to-earn concept is considered a marketing budget for the platform. Players add value to the network by playing games and earning tokens.  

Features of axie infinity clone script

Admin features

  • High secured CMS and CRM
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Referral methods
  • User management
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Ad modules

User features

  • Realistic 3D experience
  • Referral methods
  • %100 transparency
  • High-level graphic experience
  • No operational risks
  • Rewards available
  • Safety of investment

Security features

  • PHP end of support
  • Referral methods
  • Anti CSRF token
  • XSS clean
  • Google ReCaptcha
  • Debug mode enabled
  • AEs encryption prevention

The technical structure of axie infinity script

  • Blockchain networks

Binance smart chain




  • Tech stack

Programming language: solidity/ PHP/ MEAN

SEO: friendly

Design: Twitter Bootstrap

Database: MYSQL

  • Wallet integration

Wallet bridge


Own wallet system like Ronin

Functional features of Axie infinity clone script

Features of axie infinity clone script

Battle: The most important part of the Axie infinity clone script is that players can fight with their pets and gaming characters. This function is about engaging in combat with an opponent which leads benefits to for the winner. Each pet in the battle compromise six parts and four parts can be used to attack and defend in the battle.

Axie breeding: Axie breeding is the method that players can upgrade their pets and with axie breeding feature new species can be created to make bonded pets that can fight and battle.

Land: The kingdom in axie infinity gaming script is called 301*301 grid every plot on this grid is tokenized. The land option adds to the utility of axie infinity game. Players can buy the squares on the grid at any time considering they’re tokenized.

Marketplace: The marketplace of axie infinity clone script has its own exchange where users can trade NFTs. Different items can be used to create NFTs like game assets, in-game features, pets, accessories, and so on.

SLP (small love portion): SLP is a little component that is created under the token standard ERC20 to breed axies. Breeding can cause leverage benefits to users though it’s not a part of axie governance. Each user that owns SLP can customize it to set up the shop.

AXS: Axie infinity clone platform native token is AXS (Axie infinity Shardes) that presents governance attribute. When they get governance rights, the AXS holders get the right of participating in voting and perform suggestions for the platform’s improvements. AXS owners can vote on transaction fees and similar elements.

Axie Infinity clone development

Axie Infinity clone script development is the process of launching a secure axie infinity source code that includes gaming features over the Ethereum blockchain. Development of axie infinity clone means to test and deploy a platform over the ETH blockchain that compromise gaming features like battle, breed, and purchase that can be customized according to your business requirements.

The process of developing an NFT marketplace like axie infinity using the white label solution is quick and straightforward. The white label axie infinity solution is an ideal option to launch an NFT game clone development. It can be developed on various blockchains like Binance, Ethereum, Polygon, Tron, and Polkadot and executed functionalities.

How does axie infinity clone script work?

How does axie infinity clone script work?

To start trading in an NFT marketplace like axie infinity first integrate a crypto wallet and load it with Ethereum. Now download the Ronin wallet that can be deposited with Ethereum via Ronin Bridge. In this step, users purchase axie market and register through metamask. Now set up your email and password and enjoy the game and trading.

How is monetization from axie infinity clone marketplace?

In axie infinity clone script, there are various methods for the players to earn and monetize tokens. Leaderboard prizes belong to the winner of PVP competitors. Players can battle in the PVP competition with axie pets to win the prize.

Users of axie infinity clone can breed and sell tokens on different marketplaces and also can farm SLP and sell it on various exchanges like binance, Uniswap, and more. Rare axies knowingly originate and mystics can be collected and speculated. Purchase digital assets and gaming items with AXS tokens.

How is possible to gain profit from axie infinity clone script?

how can i generate revenue from axie infinity clone script

Why creating axie infinity clone is a good investment?

Axie infinity clone script is a white-labeled code that the code is adoptable and reduce the time of developing the p2e clone script that is identical to axie infinity with function and features. It’s built over the Ethereum blockchian like the majority of gaming platforms that run on the ETH. The aim of axie infinity clone is to create a gaming platform that provides a space for gamers with the idea of “playing only to earn”. Some reasons to go for axie infinity clone:

Axie infinity is one of the largest gaming platforms that broke the record of token sales.

The daily active players reach 250,000.

Axie has generated $90M in a month which is more than the combined revenue of the 10 top apps.

The value of axie jumped over %600 in one month.

A newspaper on Substack claimed that some people quit their jobs to play axie infinity.

What are axies?

Axies are non-fungible tokens that are also the pets or the characters of the axie infinity gaming platform. Each player needs three axies to start playing. The players can upgrade axies within the game and on different levels and sell them on the marketplace of axie infinity. Axies can be traded off in the axie infinity marketplace.

Axies contains 6 pieces that four pieces of axies can battle and fight in the game. The players can improve their axies and when they get a real market value sell them on the NFT marketplace.

How to launch an NFT marketplace like axie infinity?

Axie infinity clone script is a hassle-free, multi-tested, and ready-to-launch NFT marketplace that is based on the Eth blockchain. It’s a play-to-earn model of business that players can pay for a game and monetize items like gaming characters. Launching a p2e platform is a smart strategy to join the huge revenue generator in the crypto market.

Building an NFT marketplace like axie infinity containing gaming features provides a proper and tailor-made platform to start a new investment that can result in to long-term business profits. To create axie infinity clone consider the following steps to launch the project successfully.

  • A great strategy and plan
  • A perfect development team
  • Experts in updated technology stacks
  • A development, deployment, and testing team

White label Axie infinity clone

White label axie infinity clone script can enclose the structure and functionality of axie infinity and result in heavy returns. A white label solution is an on-demand platform that can include or exclude any features. It’s a ready-to-market NFT marketplace that takes no time and costs low.

How to play game on axie infinity clone platform?

To start playing on axie infinity clone platform, create an Ethereum wallet and load it with the Ethereum. After this, create an account and download the Ronin wallet. Integrate your wallet via the blockchain and start playing. If you have created your wallet with metamask then you can utilize it to log in to axie infinity. Download the Ronin wallet and deposit your ETH.  Get three axies from axie infinity clone script and start to play.

How much does it cost to launch axie infinity clone script?

The cost of creating axie infinity clone script

The cost of creating axie infinity clone script is according to your requirements and needed features. We can develop and deploy axie infinity clone with features and plugins that help you to stand out in the crowd of NFT auction clone scripts in the crypto sphere. Front-end and back-end development, UI design, admin dashboard features, security features, and blockchain technology are all effective factors in the cost of creating axie infinity clone platform.


If you are willing to create a game earn-to-play marketplace like axie infinity, you can use a white label clone script of axie infinity which is %100 customizable and error-free. Axie Infinity clone script is a ready-to-deploy platform that can turn into a perfect investment in the long term. NFT marketplace clone script development is a new business model according to your business requirements.

Starting a p2e marketplace like axie infinity provides a huge ROI. Get our ready-to-market axie infinity clone platform and launch your new business into the crypto world.

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