How To Stop The Sagging of Eyelash Extensions?

The whole point of getting eyelash extensions in Hong Kong is about creating a bolder outlook and magnetic facial persona for other people around. A wide spectrum of females would love to receive the pain-free beauty treatment of adding voluminous lash extensions on natural lashes. But the fear of lash extensions dropping down prematurely is a matter of great worry for all females.

Lash extensions sagging before the next session could be because of quality issues, unstrategic aftercare, or it could be due to any other reason. What matters the most is to follow tips that can help to fix the dropping of eyelash extensions.

Common reasons why lash extensions fall

  • Down-angled eyelash extensions tend to fall before time.
  • Improper aftercare could be the reason for dropping down.
  • Adding too much liquid or moisture around your eyelash area.
  • Sleeping on your stomach could be the reason for falling eyelashes.

6 ways to prevent eyelash extensions from dropping down

  1. Go for shorter versions: One of the significant ways to stop the lash extensions drop-down prematurely is by selecting the short version. After booking an appointment at the eyelash salon,you can select the appropriate size of lash extensions that do not weigh heavy or are too light. Wisely select the eyelash extensions matching your personality, face cut, and depth of natural lashes. Moreover, avoid adding long lashes that have a high chance of losing. 
  2. Select thinner variants: Even thick eyelash extensions have higher chances of falling down over time. They are heavy and put an additional strain on your eyes. Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate thickness of lash extensions that you can handle in a simple manner. 
  3. Use a strong curl: After selecting the ideal length and thickness of lash extensions that perfectly match your eyes, make sure to use a strong curler. In case your natural lashes are falling, then it is required to use a robust curl to straighten up the lashes and add the artificial ones with ease. 
  4. Washcare: Another crucial care that you must follow to prevent shredding of voluminous eyelash extensions is preventing too much moisture on lashes. Especially for the first 24 hours of beauty treatment, avoid the contact of water, oil, or shampoo with your beautiful-looking lash extensions. 
  5. Select a brush wisely: In case your lashes are sagging slowly, might turn into a frequent fall, then start plugging up them a little. To do this, use a gentle brush with soft bristles wisely after having a discussion with a lash extension expert. 
  6. Discuss with a lash extension expert: Last but not least, if the frequency of lash extensions fall is more than usual, then get in touch with the professional. An expert eyelash salon expert will help you control the fall or might add more lashes to your natural-looking eyelashes with ease. 



Adding eyelash extensions to your natural-looking lashes is one beneficial way to bring more volume and add depth to your outlook. To preserve that outlook and prevent eyelash extensions to fall, follow the general maintenance tips shared by expert partners.

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