How to Troubleshoot the Issues With SBCGlobal Email Login?

How to Troubleshoot the Issues With SBCGlobal Email Login?
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02 November 2021


Have issues with your SBCGlobal Email? Don’t worry. It is not that tricky to solve the issues with the SBCGlobal Email Login. However, yes, you will need a little sprinkle of guidance to solve these issues. Sometimes these issues may sound tricky because you have to identify the root cause of the error. But, once you find that root cause, you can eliminate that issue in just seconds. So, with this note, let’s get started with our guide.

Throughout the guide, you’ll know how to fix your email account’s login issues by following some simple solutions. Moreover, you’ll also learn how to sign in to your account successfully and reset the password. But first, know how you can log in to your account- 


Instructions to login to the SBCGlobal Email account-

·         Firstly, go to

·         AT&T’s sign-in page appears here. 

·         Enter your email address and password. 

·         Then hit the sign button to log in to your account.  

Troubleshooting the errors with the SBCGlobal Email Login- 

Here are the possible solutions that you can try to troubleshoot your SBCGlobal email account  

Authentication error, can’t access your account- 

The first error is the ‘Authentication error’ or ‘Can’t access your account.’ You’ll usually see the error because of incorrect login details (username or password), broken internet connections, etc. 


·         Firstly, check the internet connection if it is good or not. Reconnect your device to a good internet connection if you suspect a lousy internet connection. 

·         Secondly, check if your credentials are correct. Note that login credentials are always case sensitive, so don’t turn on the Caps Lock Key on your device. First check, and then you can try to re-enter your credentials for the sign-in. 

·         Thirdly, also check the login page that you use to access your account. Here you’ve to make sure that you’re using the correct authorized AT&T login page. Please beware of the spam website because they can pose account security damage. 

·         You can try to change your account password to fix the issues. To change your account password, simply access the AT&T sign page and click the “Forgot Password?.” After that, you have to follow the on-screen instructions to reset the password for your account. Once done, use the new password to log in to your account. 

·         Disable the firewall or any antivirus on your device. 

·         Also, if you use a web browser to log in to your account, check whether the browser is updated. If it is not, either update it or switch to another browser. 

·         In case you use the AT&T webmail to log in to your account rather than the sign-in page. Try to close the browser window, wait for some time and then log in again. 

·         Also, if you use an app to sign in, configure your account with the correct server settings. In this case, you first have to uninstall that email app or email client, and then you need to reconfigure the account on the app with the correct server settings. After that, try to log in to your account.  

Server Settings for the SBCGlobal email account- 

If you don’t know about the server settings, here are the server settings that you can use to add your account. 

·         To set the Incoming server, use the following input- 

·         Incoming Server type IMAP

·         Incoming Server-

·         Port number- 993

·         Incoming Server Security type- SSL/TLS

·         Username- Your SBSGlobal full email address. 

·         Password - Your email account password. 

·         To set the Outgoing Server, use the following output- 

·         Outgoing Server type SMTP

·         Outgoing Server-

·         Port number- 993

·         Outgoing Server Security type- SSL/TLS

·         Username- Your SBSGlobal full email address. 

·         Password - Your email account password. 


SBCGlobal email password reset- 

To reset your account password, you can follow these settings- 

·         Firstly, go to the AT&T email login page here

·         Now, click on the “Forgot password?” link. 

·         After that, enter your email user ID and password. 

·         Then, click on the Continue button. 

·         Next, you can select the password reset method which you want to use. One option is to use an Alternative Email or Temporary password, and another is to use Security Questions

·         Alternative email or Temporary password- You have to enter your alternative email address to get a temporary password. 

·         Answer the Security Questions- if you choose this option, you have to answer all the security questions correctly. 

                        Once you complete your password reset method instruction, a password reset page appears. 

                        Lastly, enter your new password and save it to finish resetting your password.  


Conclusion- With this guide, we have discussed some of the solutions you can use to eliminate the issues with your SBCGlobal email account. Also, we have provided the login, password, and server settings instructions for you. However, if you face any further issues with your email account or need any in-person help, contact AT&T customer support. Follow this link to get in touch with AT&T customer support. 


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