How to Use Online Advertising for Real Estate Business

How to Use Online Advertising for Real Estate Business

Online advertising has become an essential part of any real estate business's marketing strategy. With more and more people searching for properties online, real estate agents and property developers need to have an active online presence. In this article, we will discuss how real estate marketing businesses in India can leverage different online advertising options to boost their online visibility and generate more leads.

Online Display Advertising

One of the most effective online advertising formats for real estate is display advertising. Display ads allow you to promote your brand and properties on popular websites. You can target people searching for 'homes for sale in Chennai' or browsing related categories like 'interior design' through remarketing lists.

There are various types of display ads you can use:

  • Banner Ads: Banners are eye-catching graphical advertisements that can be placed on the top or side of websites. Ensure your banners have high-resolution images of properties and a clear call-to-action button.
  • Video Ads: Short video ads autoplaying on websites can help tell your brand story in an engaging format. You can highlight community features, home interiors, etc through videos.
  • Native Ads: Native ads blend into the page design and are text-based, allowing deeper storytelling. They have higher click-through rates compared to banners.
  • Remarketing Ads: Remarketing or retargeting displays your ads to people who already visited your website. This helps re-engage lost prospects.

You can advertise on popular portals, local newspapers' websites, and general interest websites. Tracking conversions will help optimize spending on the highest-performing placements. Use location targeting for localized reach.

Search Advertising

Google Ads and other search networks allow you to advertise next to organic search results. Creating smart keyword lists around your locations, projects, and services can drive interested buyers and sellers to your website.

Some best practices for search advertising include:

  • Focus on local, intent-heavy keywords like "flats for sale in Pune".
  • Optimize ads for mobile as more searches happen on phones.
  • Highlight time-bound offerings like festive season deals to prompt immediate action.
  • Retarget searchers who didn't convert to follow-up.

Search ads have high relevance as people clicking are already in the research stage. Start with broad match keywords and refine using negative keywords over time.

Social Media Marketing

With most Indians active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, real estate businesses should have a prominent social media presence. Facebook is best to reach local audiences while Instagram works for aesthetic property visuals.

You can publish:

  • Project and property listings with high-resolution photos each week.
  • branded content on design, and financing tips through infographics and videos.
  • Stories featuring open houses or new launches.

Run promoted/boosted posts with targeted localization and interests to get quality reach and leads. Carefully optimize creative elements, hashtags, and call-to-actions for better social media marketing results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains highly effective when done right. Develop an email list of past and potential clients by offering engaging content in exchange for their emails on your website or events.

Regularly send emails with:

  • New project announcements
  • Maintenance tips
  • Market reports
  • Exclusive deals for your list

Collect buyer/seller profiles to personalize emails. Automate drip campaigns for follow-ups and re-engagement. The track opens and clicks to optimize subject lines and content. Legally obtained lists perform much better than bought lists.

Beyond these traditional channels, explore options like programmatic advertising, affiliate marketing search engine marketing, and location-based marketing for a 360-degree digital footprint. Outsource to reputed digital marketing agencies for effective campaign management.

Tracking and Optimization

Whichever online advertising options you use - from banners to videos to search campaigns - it is vital to closely track results. Google Analytics lets you track website traffic sources, visitor demographics, and conversions. Google Ads provides actionable data on search ad performance.

Regularly analyzing metrics helps assess:

  • Highest converting channels and creatives
  • Best-performing keywords and targeting options
  • Optimal ad scheduling based on traffic patterns

Make adjustments to budgets, bids, and placements based on learnings to maximize ROI over time. Consider automating bidding for search and display campaigns using machine learning.

An integrated marketing approach combining the right online and offline strategies tailored to your unique business goals is key. Monitor industry and consumer behavior changes to iteratively refine your digital presence.


What is the average ROI from digital marketing for real estate businesses?

ROI can vary significantly depending on the business, location, campaigns, and other factors. On average, reputed digital marketing agencies report an ROI of 2-5x for their real estate clients within 6-12 months. Tracking metrics properly helps improve returns over time.

How long does it take for online advertising campaigns to generate results?

A: Most agencies recommend allowing 2-3 months for campaigns to gain momentum and see steady leads. Short-term tactics like festive offers may generate quicker results within 6-8 weeks. It is important to keep campaigns running consistently for optimal performance.

Which social media platform works best for real estate in India currently?

A: Facebook continues to be the dominant social network for real estate in India due to its large local user base and ability to target audiences via location, interests, and profile details. Instagram is also gaining popularity to showcase high-quality visual content and stories.


In today's digital era, an online presence spanning multiple platforms has become imperative for real estate businesses. While traditional channels remain important, allocating a portion of the overall marketing budget toward various paid and non-paid online advertising methods can significantly boost brand awareness and lead generation. Developing an integrated online-offline strategy tailored to the local market conditions and regularly optimizing campaigns based on data-driven insights is key to success on the digital front. Outsourcing to experienced real estate digital marketing agencies further ensures strategic planning and management of digital initiatives for optimal returns.

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