How To Verify Identity On Cash App? Full Info Guide

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How To Verify Identity On Cash App? Full Info Guide

As soon as you decided to use the cash app as your financial companion, you will be looking out for the verification guide for your cash app account. Being unverified on the cash app will keep you away from some essential features such as investing in stocks, buying & selling Bitcoin, Cash Card, and sending more than $250/week.


However, you can fix all of this if you have a verified account. Additionally, verifying your account gives you an edge to be heard, if got scammed by con artists out there. Let’s know ‘How To Verify Identity On Cash App?’ 

How To Verify Identity On Cash App? 

Prior to jumping onto the step guide for cash app verification, we should rather focus on the “Required things” for the same. 

To verify the square cash app account, the first and most important requirement is: Be 18 years or above. 


Next, you should have an SSN, if residing in the USA. Also, you provide your Date of Birth along with your full name during the process. 

Now with all of these kept in mind, we can move ahead to know the exact process. 

To verify the cash app account, the user needs to: 

Step: 1 Launch the cash app on your device. 

Whether it is an android or iPhone you’re using, the first thing is to Find Out the cash app in your phone’s apps library. Click the Green colored section printed “$” on it. As it opens, Sign in with your account credentials by entering the given sections. 

Step: 2 Find Profile Section 

Since you opened the app and logged in, the next task is to access the “Profile” option. Accessing the profile will help to navigate to the verification page. 

To reach out profile section, you need to: 

  • Choose the photo icon from the top-right corner of the screen to choose the “Profile” 
  • Then, choose Personal to be redirected to the verification page. 

Step: 3 Initiate verification of your identity on the cash app 

In order to verify your account, you must provide the below-given information. 

  • First & last name (legit) 
  • Date of birth 
  • Expiration date 
  • And, CVV number 
  • Bank account number 

Step: 4 Provide Social Security Number 

The SSN is a required part for your account to be verified. You can enter the last 4-digit of your SSN number in the Profile section. Then, you can go ahead with other steps. 

Step: 5 Official document’s submission 

Now, after you have provided your SSN and other details, it’s time to put a snap of your government-approved ID. Any ID with government approval you can provide by allowing the cash app to access your device’s camera. 

Allow access, use the phone’s camera to picture a government-approved ID, and finally submit it. 

Step: 6 Take Selfie 

Finally, you need to take a selfie in which you are clearly visible. Submit it on the required section by going through the Terms and Conditions. 

Step: 7 Receive Confirmation of the request submitted 

Once you have successfully submitted the request, you should receive a confirmation message within a day or two. However, if your request for verification rejects, you will know the reasons behind it given in the message. 

Benefits of Cash App Account Verification -  

You must be thinking about what advantages you will get if your account becomes verified. So, here is the list of benefits that you will be getting after the account verification. 


Increase transaction limits: As an unverified user, the limit for sending and receiving funds is $250 and $500/week respectively. To send more than $250 in a week, verify your account. 


As soon as the account is verified, you become eligible to send up to $7,500 in -a 7-day period, whereas you can receive unlimited amounts with a verified account. 


Become eligible for Investing features: Through the cash app, you can invest in stocks and buy and sell Bitcoin only if you have a verified account. So, verification of the account is crucial for your Bitcoin and stocks on the cash app. 


Receive Cash Card: You can order a cash card (debit card) as soon as you become verified on the cash app. This, further, can be used at several departmental stores, restaurants, Gas stations, and for online purchasing of goods. 


Other benefits: If you are using the verified account, you have the authority to ask about your doubts, issues, and possible resolutions on the behalf of verification. For instance, there are a lot of scam acts and if you, by any chance, are found scammed through them, you can seek out help from the cash app support team. 


Also, it becomes easy for the cash app support team to take action in the best possible manner if the victim is a verified user. 

Summing up! 

If you are a novice user of the cash app, you must seek out ways to verify your account to not remain in lack of benefits from the cash app’s side. Verification of your account needs your credentials such as legit name, DOB, and SSN. Additionally, some of the other details can be asked, if the given details don’t satisfy the cash app. 

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