How to wind the bobbin on a kenmore sewing machine?

How to wind the bobbin on a kenmore sewing machine?
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17 October 2022


Sewing can be a fun hobby, but it can also be quite time-consuming and frustrating if you don’t have the right tools or know how to do it. In this article, we will teach you how to wind the bobbin on a Kenmore sewing machine, so that you can start sewing without any trouble!

What is the bobbin on a kenmore sewing machine?

The bobbin is the mechanism that winds the thread like Nylon Tty onto the wheel to sew. It's usually located near the top of the machine, and you'll need to wind it up if you want to sew again.

How to wind the bobbin on a kenmore sewing machine

If your sewing machine has a bobbin winder, follow these steps:
1. Open the lid of the machine and locate the bobbin winder. It is usually on the right side of the machine near the needle.
2. Push down on the bobbin winder handle to release it from the gear wheel. The gear wheel should now be free to move around the circumference of the bobbin case.
3. Insert a finger inside the top of the bobbin case and use your other hand to hold onto one end of the spool of thread.
4. Turn the gear wheel on the bobbin winder clockwise as far as it will go, then stop turning it. The spool of thread should now be attached to one side of the gear wheel (the "winding" side).
5. Turn the gear wheel counterclockwise until it locks into place (this will keep it from turning further). You now have control over how tightly or loosely you wind your bobbin by turning this gear wheel!


How to wind the bobbin on a kenmore sewing machine?

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What are the different parts of a kenmore sewing machine?

Kenmore sewing machines come with a bobbin Nylon DTY thread case, a spindle, and a motor. The bobbin case holds the spindle, and the motor spins the spindle to wind the bobbin onto the needle.

How to change the needle on a kenmore sewing machine

If you have a Kenmore sewing machine, you may need to change the needle occasionally. Follow these steps to swap out the needle on your machine:

1. Open the machine’s cover and remove the bobbin case.

2. Find the right-side needle and pull it out of the machine.

3. In its place, find the left-side needle and push it into the hole in the bobbin case. Make sure that it is seated properly in its groove. If it is not, gently tap it with a hammer until it is seating firmly.

4. Replace the bobbin case and close the cover. Press down on the back of the machine to secure it in place.


How to wind the bobbin on a kenmore sewing machine?

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If you’re like most sewers, you probably wind the bobbin on your kenmore sewing machine by hand. But if you ever have to replace the bobbin (or need to do it in a hurry), here’s how to do it quickly and easily:

1. Open the cover of the machine and remove the upper tension screw.
2. Loosen the lower tension screw and pull out the thread guide.
3. Remove the old bobbin from the spindle by pulling it gently up and away from the needle wheel. Be careful not to pinch your fingers as well as when using a Winding Machine!

4. Insert a new pinwheel into its place and slide it onto the spindle until it touches both ends ofthe thread guide tube (the end with two small screws). Screw in each screw located at either end ofthe thread guide tube (see picture below). You can now close up the cover ofyour machine.


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