If you've lost your car key, here are some things you need to do

If you've lost your car key, here are some things you need to do

Nowadays, maximum-driving cars are keyless entry. Whether you leave your key in the car or lost your key anywhere else, this is a matter of worry. But later realize they have no access to their vehicle. However, not all cars have the same feature or access. There would be a different solution for every car. If your key is lost and feeling helpless then what should you do for Car Key Replacement in Cork? Let us see with Cunneen Locksmiths how to come out of this situation. 

What to do if you lose your key

Here are some crucial steps that you need to take after your key is lost;

· Check thoroughly

The first step is to check your key in all places where you recently visited. Check those areas where you usually go, like the washroom, bedroom, near your car, and some other locations. 

· Let your insurance company know about your key loss

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You should inform your insurance company in written you have lost your key. When someone lost their vehicle key, there is a high chance of stealing. If the vehicle is later stolen, there is a potential that your insurance claim will be denied if you don't notify the insurance provider of the lost key.

· File F.I.R

Some people ignore F.I.R. in some cases when they lose the key. 

It should be brought to the police's attention right once, and a First Information report should be filed noting the incident's location and time. When filing any claim involving car theft, this report should be given to the insurance provider.

· Avoid the use of unauthorized keys

There can be a violation of the car key when using an unauthorized car key. However, a locally designed key can open the car temporarily, but thieves also use this sort of key to steal the vehicle. It is essential to use the key properly otherwise, it can harm the lock of the car.

How many types of keys are there, and how to recover them?

In India, there are five types of keys, and these keys can be different from traditional to advanced ones. Observe them for a moment.

1 Traditional key

You most likely drive an ancient automobile if you have a traditional key. We also have the most straightforward option in case we ever lose our auto keys. Being able to enter a car without a key is simple, just like the mechanisms and keys lack sophistication. 

What to do if you lose;

Locksmith can easily create a new key. The automaker might, however, levy a separate fee for the new key in specific circumstances, such as when your ignition lock cylinder needs to be replaced due to damage. 

2 Transponder keys

Although more advanced, this kind of key is comparable to conventional keys. as soon as the correct key is hit, the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) detects it, and the engine starts, allowing you to leave.

What to do if you lose; 

You can approachcar key replacements who are experts in such keys. The same chips used to adjust your car are in their extra keys, which they have. On the other hand, they bill you more than they would have for a regular auto key.

3 The key with frequency operated button (FOB)

External fobs are attached to this type of key. In the event that you have a key with an external fob but misplace the fob, you can still start your car with the key. 

What to do if you lose

You can still call a locksmith and use the key even if you lose the fob and the key separately. Later on, you can purchase a fob. 

4 Keys Attached to the Fobs

Car key replacements choose folding key fobs to prepare their car models. In the unfortunate event that you misplace your key, you can be in serious trouble. If this key is lost, there are only two other options.

What to do if you lose;

You have two options: either use your spare key to start the vehicle or drive right to the closest dealership so they can produce a spare key (fob) for you.

5 Smart key

Today, almost all cars come equipped with push-button start and keyless entry. You might not be able to unlock the doors or start the engine without a key. We advise storing a spare in your glove box at all times because of this.

What to do if you lose;

If you ever lose your keyless entry fob, your only options are to buy a spare key or have your car towed to the closest brand dealership, where they will pair a new fob to your car. If the dealership does not currently supply a specific fob, you could occasionally have to wait.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to track lost car keys?

No, despite how high-tech today's vehicles are, most car models do not come with a built-in system for tracking lost car keys. However, you can avoid this by installing aftermarket trackers in your vehicle keys.

If I misplace my car keys do I have to replace the locks?

It may be possible for a car locksmith to either reconfigure the existing locks or program out the lost keys for modern vehicles, negating the need to replace the locks on your car.

Do Insurance Policies Cover Lost Vehicle Keys?

There is no policy for coverage of keys by regular car insurance. For lost or stolen vehicle keys, the majority of standard auto insurance policies don't offer coverage.


Almost everything is covered in this post when you are stuck in such a situation when you lost your car key. You can get the solution we have mentioned in this post. Other than this, you can contact the Cunneen Premier Locksmiths for solutions. 

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