Importance of Blast Walls to Protect Buildings

Importance of Blast Walls to Protect Buildings
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A blast wall is a smart approach when it comes to dealing with ballistic hazards. A blast wall is built to withstand devastating structural damage during an explosion. As a result, they help protect your staff, equipment, and assets in the proximity of a workplace hazard. 

Here’s why you should consider this modular barrier system.

What is a Blast Wall System?

If a fire breaks out or an explosion happens, blast walls can protect a vulnerable structure and its occupants from damage. They can cover detonations underwater, so they’re excellent for marine facilities. You can also position the blast walls overhead or throughout a roofing system for maximum safety. 

Blast walls can safeguard your property and personnel in explosive events owing to their high malleability. They can absorb some of the energy during impact, protecting the structure from all sides. For this reason, they are ideal for construction sites, mining operations, and processing facilities.

High-security blast walls help sustain damage from industrial accidents, terrorism, or military action. They can safeguard those structures that have no blast resistance. For instance, installing steel-based blast walls that are solid, durable, and long-lasting can help strengthen structures. Some blast walls may also show resistance to hydrocarbon fires and gas explosions.

Where Do You Need a Blast Resistant Wall?

A blast-proof wall is designed to protect buildings and the people nearby from the effects of an explosion. Owing to its mobile properties, you can reassemble or relocate blast walls with ease and convenience. Even a concrete structure made from portable blocks is usable time and again. 

You can determine when to use a blast wall once you’ve conducted a risk assessment. This will allow you to pinpoint workplace hazards, depending on your industry. If the threat is temporary, blast-resistant walls will not only deflect ballistic attacks but also protect the building structure. 

Additionally, you can combine a series of blast-resistant walls to shield multiple sides from high-impact blows. For this reason, blast walls are also used in conflict or war zones. Such barriers can also protect your aircraft and military bases from attack. 

Find an Expert Blast Barrier Manufacturer

Blast shield walls prevent fragmentation and debris from making contact. As a result, they can contain over-pressures sustained during an explosion. Using a blast-resistant wall reduces not only workplace injuries but also installation times. Whatever the cause of the explosion, blast walls are a good investment. 

For a custom-made blast wall, look for a reliable manufacturer near you. You can get in touch with our experts for more building solutions. We specialize in passive fire and blast protection systems and assemblies. Our engineers can custom-manufacture the blast-resistant wall to protect your building in high-hazard areas. 

Our blast barrier systems are resistant to impact and heat. Engineered using non-combustible material, our high-security blast walls can maintain their structural integrity in the presence of fire. They can also absorb significant impact energy during an explosion. As a result, they can neutralize shockwaves and deflect flying projectiles occurring from grenade explosions.

If you’re looking for a fully-insulated system, we can meet your specifications. Call us today!

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