Importance Of Spiritual Gifts In Your Life

Importance Of Spiritual Gifts In Your Life
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We often ask ourselves the question: Are we special?

We are too early to join the crowd of conformers and performers, yet we fail to acknowledge the gifts we possess. You might be wondering and unable to find anything on the surface. But not everything is supposed to be.

Diana Cristy, in her book, A Guide to the Gift Within, emphasizes our specialties that may not be visible to the naked eye yet are as powerful as any other physical attribute one may possess.

Diana, as many of us are, is an empath. If you don’t know, an empath is someone who feel other people’s emotions as if it is there own. Many times it is difficult to discern our emotions from the emotions of others. Unaware of her spiritual gifts initially, Cristy was led to difficulties in her teenage life as she struggled to keep herself a step ahead of the storm of invading emotions she felt.

The same is the case for many people today going through their battles.

What if you were told that the weaknesses you sabotage yourself over are merely your spiritual gifts unrecognized?

Let’s delve into the importance of spiritual gifts and how to find yours.

Every Gift Counts

There was a time in Diana’s life when she felt something was wrong with her. But soon enough, she realized that her ability was not a curse but a gift. She owned the sheer brilliance of her prowess and learned to tame it.

Yes, being an empath makes you feel things strongly, but if those emotions are harnessed, you can help not only yourself but others as well.

Strangers Will Open Up To You

In a world where people take being in touch with your emotions as a sign of weakness, we’re encouraging toxicity. People are afraid to honestly say what they feel, making their negative emotions fester and worsen. Empaths give people a shoulder to cry on, a safe space to vent. They draw individuals closer to them and have the ability to understand them in the unkind world we live in. However, this may be difficult for empaths as they may absorb the negative energy of the other person.

People Will Seek Advice

People want to be heard. Oddly, they will likely be reserved when venting out their problems to someone who is not an empath. This is because they know they can never fully open up enough and speak their hearts out. On the other hand, they would instead seek advice from an empath because they know they will be fully heard!

Connect With Animals and Nature

Empaths are drawn quickly to nature. They have a connection to mother earth and her creatures. Furthermore, they are an animal’s best friend. 

Do you see that? Your spiritual gift is your superpower.

Let’s discuss how you can, too, harness your spiritual gift.

Harnessing Your Ability

Firstly, to recognize your spiritual gifts, you have to be open to understanding what is intangible. Observe the things you react strongly to and how it affects your relationship with others. When a spiritual gift is present inside you, if unrecognized, it can overflow and run amok.

Secondly, Diana Cristy’s book expands on the concept of Quantum Physics playing a fundamental role in using the power within us. Where the term itself may daunt us, all it takes is a basic understanding of the subject to help get the ball rolling.

Thirdly, you must ground yourself. You cannot fully embrace your spiritual gift because if shrouded by negativity. Find places that evoke feelings of catharsis. Caught up in the buzz of every day, we may fail to realize that the  negativity of others may completely take over us.  

Grab your copy and embark on your journey to embrace your gift now!

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