Improving Mood Lighting in Your Home

Improving Mood Lighting in Your Home
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08 November 2022

Two of the most central forms of lighting in interior spaces are task lighting and mood lighting. While task lighting is specifically intended to provide ambient illumination so that occupants of a space can see what they are doing, mood lighting is intended to lend spirit and character to a place.

Mood lighting can be used to make a space feel warmer, welcoming, quieter, and less stressful, and can imbue it with a unique sense of character.

Moreover, you don’t necessarily need special lighting or lamps to take advantage of it. You just need to get creative. Consider some of these suggestions if you want to improve your home’s interior mood lighting.

Use What You Have
That is, open the blinds. The sun itself is one of the most effective mood-lighting lamps. If you have an east or west-facing window, during the golden hours of the day - that is, the one-hour period right after and before sunrise and sunset, respectively - the sun will cast a gentle, golden glow over the room’s interior. This alone can produce quite an effect.

You can also use the moon for mood lighting. The moon rises in the east and sets in the west, just like the sun, and on full moon nights when it rises, it can cast bright, silver light into a room that can complement your other interior lighting.

Swap the Lightbulb
Oftentimes, you don’t need to change the lighting fixture, only the lightbulb it uses. For instance, if your home has an arc floor lamp that accepts LED light bulbs, like a FENLO Flora or Finn, you can easily swap them out to change the mood lighting.

Some of the most effective mood-lighting LED bulbs are Edison lamps, also known as LED filament lamps. Some of these produce a very warm lighting temperature and cast gentle, golden light that, while effective as task lighting, is also highly effective at lengthening shadows and making a space feel cozy.

Create a Dappled Lighting Effect
Another thing you can do, without changing the lighting itself, is to create a dappled lighting effect. Dappled lighting occurs when there is a partially perforated shade in between a viewer and a light source - sort of like a tree’s canopy. It looks natural and makes a space feel more inviting and secure.

There are many ways you can reproduce this effect in your home. If your home has one of the modern arc floor lamps mentioned above, consider placing a plant, a screen, or a set of shelves at the side of or staggered in front of the light.

These partial obstructions will help break up the cast of light from the lamp, making it look softer and more natural - and may very well improve the mood lighting in your living room, bedroom or office - not to mention anywhere else in the house you put it into effect!

Open Up the Space with a Mirror
Another way you can potentially improve the mood lighting in your home is by opening up the space with a mirror - or by using one to reflect the mood lighting back into the space.

Using large wall mirrors (or even floor mirrors) will open up a space and create the illusion that there is more room. Mirrors, which are reflective, can also take advantage of the lighting within a space, making darker spaces feel brighter. In addition, when set opposite mood lighting like string lights, pendants, or rope lights, they will reflect the light back into a space, increasing the effect of the mood lighting.

Enjoy the Effects of Improved Interior Lighting with an Uplifted Mood!
Whether your home is a classical colonial or you’ve leaned more towards a mid-century modern style, you can enjoy the benefits of improving mood lighting. It can make a space feel warmer, safer, more inviting, and cozier. Try some of these tricks today in your living spaces or even in your kitchen or dining room and see what sort of impact they make.

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