Increase your confidence with the right bra size with our Bra calculator

Increase your confidence with the right bra size with our Bra calculator
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Most women tend to get perplexed while choosing bra sizes from stores using the bra size chart, but these sizes often don't fit any women, and they don't find it comfortable, which pulls down their confidence further. Ladies, do not get worried; we have this bra calculator designed for you pretty women in mind that is universally acceptable and varies with the country's standard.

First, let us get started with how to measure.

Grab a measuring tape, wear a non-padded and non-wired bra, stand in front of your mirror, measure the band size by wrapping the tape under the bust, and note the measurement in centimeters and know the circumference of the breast that is your band size. Now measure the cup size by wrapping the tape covering the entire bust and again record it in centimeters.

Now feed these two data into the bra calculator, and you will get the exact size you want.

Based on the size, you can choose your favorite bra from your online shopping platforms or any of your favorite physical stores. The biggest drawback with the bra is that there are no international standards for this innerwear. So shape, size, space, firmness, and sag vary from woman to another, and the label size varies from country to country based on the brand.

But will, one need not worry because this bra calculator gives all the right measurements based on the country that a woman prefers to choose. There are three main bra sizes.

  • French 
  • European 
  • US sizes

American size of knowing bras:

Clothing sizes in Anglo-Saxon nations are expressed in inches. We don't use the same bra sizing system as the United States. After measuring it under the breast, five inches are added to the band size. The band size is calculated by rounding odd integers to even ones. Therefore, an American 34 would be a European 75. Like us, the difference between the band size measured directly beneath the bust and the measurement around the bust's largest region determines the cup size. The US and the UK employ double letters in their sizing, beginning with an E cup. For instance, our F cup is an E cup, and our E cup is a DD.

So women need to be cautious when choosing a bra size from bra charts, but you need not panic, and you can choose a bra size from the comfort of your home using our bra calculator.

Women buy expensive bras to maintain their shape, but what troubles them is they need to learn how to take care of a bra; here are some tips just for you.

Ways to wash your bra?

  • Wearing a bra leads to sweat and the growth of bacteria, so washing the fabric after every wash is a must.
  • Washing bras in a laundry machine might damage the bras and their lifetime, so these bras must be put inside a laundry bag, use mild detergent, washed in delicate mode, and be air dried. 
  • Do wash your bras separately, as washing them with other clothes might damage the bra fabric and the elastic of the inner lining of the bras.

Life hack:

Place your bras in a pillow case and wash them in delicate mode by selecting warm water.

  • Padded bras come with padded linings inside the cups, and push-up bras come with pads; when washed in a washing machine, the cups may deteriorate in shape and might deform. The best way to clean these bras is to soak them in water for 20-30 minutes, using either a mild detergent or mild shampoo to wash them. 
  • Do not use a drier to dry the bras; use your palms to squeeze out the water that the pads have absorbed gently, or just hang it, so the water drips.

Maintaining your bra ensures that it fits each time comfortably you put it on and extends its lifespan. So be kind to your bras, and they'll be kind to you!

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