Installing Gutters to the Tiny House

Installing Gutters to the Tiny House
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While I built the gutters a few months ago, I felt the rainy days we've been having were a good opportunity to write about them. Furthermore, the YouTube video posting schedule has just seen me upload the gutter video, which you can watch below.

Why would you install gutters on a little house?

To be honest, when I first began building a little home, I didn't give gutters much thought. I'm not sure why this happened, but it might be a characteristic that many small homes lack, or it could be due to the limiting width of a 'traveling' tiny house. Perhaps there's a fear that the gutters will fly off as you drive along the road?

Our home was never meant to be on the road full-time, so I was glad to install some gutters.

Gutters were initially designed to keep water away from a home's foundation, but with a small house, there is no foundation and there is less worry about moving water away from the building's foundation. Having said that, we live in an exceedingly rainy area! January has an average rainfall of 486mm (19.157 inches), with a total annual rainfall of 3.27 metres!

Water pooling on the ground may soften the surface surrounding your small home, and if it is supported by blocks or jacks, it might sink. Aside from that, our long-term goal is to collect rainwater.

Rainwater Harvesting

I discovered this conversion chart courtesy to the website:

So, depending on our rainfall in January, we could gather around 2485 gallons in a single month: That's about 10,000 litres of water from a little home roof! I believe it was well worth it.

Gutter installation

I first contacted a guttering buddy, but he was busy and told me, "You'll figure it out."

So I did it.

As you can see in the video, I might have done things differently, and I would strongly advise you to purchase one continuous piece for each side if possible. Some gutter contractors may drive the equipment directly to your property and punch out a gutter to the necessary length. If feasible, I would do this so that you don't have to deal with joins and such, which is much simpler and also prevents any potential leaks down the line.

So, rather than going into too much detail in writing, I'll just publish the video. Hopefully, it will provide some inspiration.

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