Instructions on how to play throw-in in football betting

Instructions on how to play throw-in in football betting
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Throw-in, also known as throw-in betting, is a type of side bet in football betting, which will help players have more choices when participating in betting. Win or lose will be determined possibly based on the number of balls that go beyond the goal line of both the home team and the away team. Join vn88 official website to see how to play the most attractive throw-in bets.

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The types of throw-in are quite popular

First throw-in: As the name suggests, the player will predict which team will receive the first throw-in in the match. Players will place bets based on the odds that the house has previously offered for the home team and the away team, then wait for the results.

Throw-in Handicap: is the Asian handicap, this type of bet will be based on the actual number of throws and the rules of both teams. The team with more throw-ins and more odds wins the bet. If at the end of 90 minutes of play and when the statistics of the throw-in are equal, the handicap can be based on the odds. This bet will often produce 3 cases: eat ½ money, eat full money and even tie.

Over and under throw-in: This is similar to the penalty card and the penalty corner, but this will be quite simple and easy to understand. Players only need to bet on the odds that the house has analyzed and given before, if you predict the number of throws more than the number offered by the house, they will choose the Over, and If the number of throw-ins is less, the Under will be chosen. In the event of a tie, the dealer will have to refund all bets to the player.

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Throw-in will often be of interest to few players, but the way the throw-in is played as well as the possibility of winning this type of bet is not too difficult. What are you waiting for without registering vn88, register vn88 to receive 50k today for more details and many attractive rewards.


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