Introduction of SEVENTEEN Boys Group

Introduction of SEVENTEEN Boys Group
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SEVENTEEN is a K-pop boy group that made their debut on May 26, 2015, with their mini album "17 Carat" under Pledis Entertainment. Comprising thirteen talented members, the group has garnered immense popularity not only for their music but also for their self-producing abilities and unique structure.


The SEVENTEEN lineup consists of thirteen members, each contributing their unique talents to the group's success. The members are:

  1. S.coups
  2. Wonwoo
  3. Mingyu
  4. Vernon

Hip-Hop Unit:

These four members make up the hip-hop unit within SEVENTEEN.

  1. Woozi
  2. Jeonghan
  3. Joshua
  4. DK
  5. Seungkwan

Vocal Unit

This unit is responsible for the group's melodious vocals.

  1. Hoshi
  2. Jun
  3. The8
  4. Dino

Performance Unit

The performance unit members showcase their exceptional dance skills and stage presence.

Notable SEVENTEEN Facts

Here are some interesting facts about SEVENTEEN that contribute to their unique identity:

1. Independent Label Status

Despite Big Hit Entertainment (now known as HYBE Labels) becoming its major shareholder as of May 25, 2020, PLEDIS Entertainment, SEVENTEEN's agency, remained an independent label. This partnership highlights the group's influence and potential in the industry.

2. Self-Producing Idol Group

SEVENTEEN is known as a "self-producing" idol group, with members actively involved in songwriting, music production, and choreography. This creative input allows them to express their artistic vision fully.

3. Three Specialized Units

The group is divided into three units: hip-hop, vocal, and performance, each with its own specialization. This division allows each unit to shine and contribute distinct elements to SEVENTEEN's music and performances.

4. The Meaning Behind the Name

The name "Seventeen" is symbolic, representing "13 members + 3 units + 1 group." It signifies how the 13 members come together from three units to form one cohesive and harmonious group.

5. Official Fan Colors

SEVENTEEN's official fan colors are Rose Quartz and Serenity, which reflect the group's aesthetics and connect them with their dedicated fanbase.

6. Pre-Debut Reality Show

Before their official debut, SEVENTEEN appeared in the reality TV show "Seventeen Project: Debut Big Plan," which concluded with their debut showcase. This show allowed fans to witness their journey to stardom.

7. Subunit "BSS"

Members Hoshi, DK, and Seungkwan formed the subgroup "BSS" and released their debut single "Just Do It," showcasing their versatility as artists within the group.

8. Member Changes During Pre-Debut Phase

SEVENTEEN faced member changes between 2012-2013 when they lost four members, namely Doyun, Mingming, Dongjin, and Samuel, during their pre-debut phase.

9. Collaboration with Apple

In April 2022, SEVENTEEN collaborated with Apple for creative music experiences and participated in Apple’s "Today At Apple" sessions, further expanding their reach and influence.

10. Living Arrangements

All SEVENTEEN members currently live in dorms except for S.Coups, who moved out to live with his brother, showcasing their close-knit bond and camaraderie within the group.


SEVENTEEN, the iconic K-pop boy group formed by Pledis Entertainment, boasts a unique identity with its thirteen multi-talented members organized into three specialized units: hip-hop, vocal, and performance. They have earned recognition as a "self-producing" idol group, actively contributing to songwriting, music production, and choreography. Symbolized by their name, which represents the unity of 13 members across three units, SEVENTEEN's distinctive journey to stardom has included fan-favorite reality shows, subunits like "BSS," and collaborations with industry giants like Apple. Their unwavering bond as a group is exemplified by most members living together in dorms, with only S.Coups choosing to live with his brother.

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