Investment Calculator: Types and How to do the Investment Calculator help in Investment Plans.

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18 April 2023

Investment Calculator: Types and How to do the Investment Calculator help in Investment Plans.What are different types of Investment? Investment Calculator Determines different Investment of investment plans.

Bonds: In Bonds, the key factor is a risk. The bonds that need Investment are paid for greater risks. The investors loan out an amount to the issuers when the Investor takes over the bond. The authority issuing the loan repays the amount over some time with interest. 

Fixed Deposits: It is another way of investing. It is popular among people who need low risk and more monetary gains.

Provident Fund: It is the best way to invest in a Provident Fund. In this, the Investor gets some tax benefits from Section 80C. The interest rate and maturity gain in this are exempted from taxes.

Maturity Fund: The maturity funds offer Maturity Plans as close-ended debt funds. It comes with a fixed maturity date.

Stocks: The interest rate is not fixed for the Investment. But it is a crucial type of Investment for an individual or firm. The Investor gets a small percentage of the ownership of the company or organisation.

The organisation also shares the company's profits with the Investor in this type of Investment.

Mutual Funds: in this type of Investment, 65% of stocks are invested in domestic firms.

National Pension: For old citizens, this investment plan lets you safeguard the post-retirement plan. It also comes under the National Pension Scheme.

Valuable Commodities: The Commodities could be gold or silver. It could also be daily use things such as oil or gas. If someone invests in a metal like gold, it can be used in financial difficulties.

Real Estate or Property- it is the best way to invest money. It could be used to buy a property for personal or rental use. Hence Rental use gives monetary gains. One can purchase a plot and make it valuable by adding many amenities and using it to rent it to commercial sectors.

These are some of the types of Investments, and the Investment Calculator can help you determine the best plan at your convenience.

How to Calculate using the Investment Calculator? Investment Calculator makes it easy to calculate the return using it. It is also highly accurate. Usually, the Investment Calculator has two options.

  • Yearly Investment 
  • Monthly Investment 

These are the steps to calculate the Investment Returns with Investment Calculator.

  • Add the initial amount the Investor wants to invest yearly or monthly.
  • The Investor has to provide the rate of interest the Investor wants. It could range from 8-11%
  • The investors must choose a duration of Investment in years for the investment plans.
  • The last option is to select the current Investment the Investor is holding. Investor Calculator has the field. It will provide the future value of the Investment. The Calculator indicates the total Investment and the final amount one has invested. It also shows the growth in amount.

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