Is a dental implant a permanent solution to a missing tooth?

Is a dental implant a permanent solution to a missing tooth?
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12 September 2022

There are many situations and circumstances when people experience a missing tooth or more than one missing tooth and this becomes the reason for their inconvenient smile. Almost in all cases of missing teeth, the solution of an implant is suggested, and NE Calgary dental implants have a record of long years of healthy life on proper maintenance.

Why go for implants?

Generally, in case of missing teeth, implants are suggested due to their stronghold on roots and long-lasting life. Dentists ensure that the artificial root has a good and firm grip over your jaw structure and can hold the replacement tooth like other teeth structure in the jaw. It is done by fitting a screw-like structure of titanium in the jaw, and a fake tooth is fitted over it.

This surgery is suggested because this works as a permanent solution to the missing tooth lost due to accidents, injury, infection, decay or any infection. NE Calgary dental implant structure stays in the jaw, and by replacing the original defective structure, it plays the same vital role as the missing tooth to keep a person smiling and eating with confidence.

What benefits does this procedure offer?

The fake tooth fitted on the implant is designed per the other dental structure in the jaw to match it up and save the person from embarrassment.

This procedure at NE Calgary dental implants supports the surrounding dental structure and preserves the teeth mountings from unnatural growth.

The implant is a one-stop permanent solution that lasts longer and offers high functioning with the reliability of no harm to gums or bone structure.

This structure is easy to maintain and cavity-proof, making the inconvenience of removing dentures disappear.

NE Calgary dental implants set perfectly in the jaw look like natural structure and boost the confidence of smiling and eating.

Who is not fit for the procedure?

1.Growing children are not suggested to have the procedure as their jaw, and dental structure are not adequately developed.

2.People with diseases like diabetes, leukemia, or any other chronic illness are also not suggested to go for the procedure as it causes the healing process to be slower than usual.

3.NE Calgary dental implants are also not recommended to smokers as their continuous smoking affects the healing procedure.

It is essential to consult before going for dental implants in NE Calgary and ensure your jaw has good enough bone and space required for the procedure. In concluding note: Dental implants seem like a final and perfect solution for your missing teeth, but it is necessary to ensure that they will be a suitable solution for your dental structure. Redstone Smiles Dental experts are there; ready to guide you with all the appropriate options after considering the structure.

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