Is Ells Hair Extensions Salon Best for Nano Tip Bond Hair Extensions?

Is Ells Hair Extensions Salon Best for Nano Tip Bond Hair Extensions?
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Nano Tip Bond Hair Extensions are a type of semi-permanent hair extensions where the extensions are attached to your natural hair using small, unnoticeable bonds. The "nano" in Nano Tip refers to the small size of the bandages used. The advantages of Nano Tip Bond hair extensions are their inconspicuousness due to the small size of the bonds, the ability to add volume and length to the hair, and the versatility to shape them exactly how you want.

However, it is important that they are used and maintained by a professional to minimize the risk of damaging natural hair. Remember that if you are considering getting Nano Tip Bond Hair Extensions, it is always best to consult a stylist like Ells Hair Extensions in London who specializes in extensions to determine if they are suitable for your hair type and get personal advice. Ells has years of experience in providing the perfect Nano Tip Bond Hair Extensions at the best price. So visit our website and book an appointment with Ells.

Here's how does Our Nano Tip Bond hair extensions work?

Hair extensions

At Ells Hair Extensions, our Nano Tip Bond Hair Extensions are typically made from high-quality human hair or synthetic hair that closely matches your natural hair color and texture. The extensions come in small strands with a band attached to the top.

Nano tires

 Ells Nano Tip hair extensions are attached to your natural hair with nano rings, also known as nanobeads or nano cylinders. These rings are small and usually made of aluminum or copper. They have a silicone-lined inner surface that provides grip and prevents hair damage.

Application process

To apply Nano Tip Bond hair extensions, a qualified stylist takes a small section of your natural hair and twists it through a nano ring. They then insert the Nano Tip extension into the tire and firmly clamp the tire with special clamps, securing the extension in place. The process is repeated throughout the head to achieve the desired volume and length.

Recycling and maintenance

Our Services Nano Tip Bond Hair Extensions are considered semi-permanent and can last several months with proper care. But as your natural hair grows, the extensions move away from the scalp. After a period of time, usually around 6-8 weeks, you may need to visit the salon for maintenance. During the maintenance visit, the hairdresser will remove the extensions and reattach them, making sure they are in the correct position.

What Makes our Hair Extensions Salon Unique?

Our Hair Extension Salon at Ells Hair Extensions is a specialized salon or beauty salon that offers hair extensions. Hair extensions are strands of artificial or natural hair that are attached to a person's existing hair to add length, and volume, or to improve an overall hairstyle. At our hair extension salon, Ells, as trained professionals, often referred to as hair extension technicians or stylists offer a variety of services to clients who wish to enhance their hair with extensions.

Our stylist evaluates the client's hair type, desired style, and expectations to determine the best type of hair extension and how to use it. Ells chooses the appropriate method according to the client's preferences and hair condition. Hair extensions are usually customized according to the client's natural hair color, texture, and length.

The stylist can color, cut or shape the extensions to blend perfectly with the client's hair. Extension salons often provide clients with information and instructions on how to maintain and care for extensions at home. They can give advice on washing, styling, and how to avoid damaging your extensions. Overall, a Hair Extension Salon is dedicated to helping clients achieve their desired hair goals by providing professional and specialized hair services.

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