Is it Possible to Permanently Remove Moles?

Is it Possible to Permanently Remove Moles?
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Moles or nevi are skin growths that can occur anywhere on the body. Although most moles do not cause harm, they can be unsightly for some people or make them feel uncomfortable. The increased awareness of mole removal has led to a rise in interest. Many people wonder if it's possible to remove moles and achieve smooth, flawless skin permanently. In this blog, we will discuss the various options available for mole removal in Kolkata from Truly Permanent Beauty.

Understanding Moles

Let's first define moles. Melanocytes are pigmented clusters that form moles. Size, color, and shape can all vary. Some moles are present at birth, while others may develop due to sun exposure or hormonal changes.

Traditional Mole Removal Techniques

There are many traditional ways to remove moles. However, these methods do not always guarantee permanent results. Here are some common techniques.

  1. Excision: In this method, the mole is cut out, and the skin is stitched back together. It can remove the mole effectively, but there is the risk of scarring or the mole reappearing.
  2. Cauterization: The mole is burned off using heat or electricity. The mole may grow back if cauterization does not reach deep enough.
  3. Cryotherapy: The mole is frozen with liquid nitrogen. The mole will eventually fall off the frozen tissue, but incomplete removal can lead to the mole coming back.

These methods can provide temporary relief but may not be a solution that lasts.

Mole Removal in Kolkata: Truly Permanent Beauty

Truly Permanent Beauty offers mole removal methods that are more permanent and effective. The clinic uses state-of-the-art technology and has a team of dermatologists with extensive experience to provide safe and effective mole removal procedures.

Laser Mole Removal

Laser mole removal is one of the most reliable and advanced methods used by Truly Permanent Beauty. The laser energy is used to destroy the mole cell and activate the body's healing process. The laser only targets pigmented skin cells without damaging the healthy surrounding skin. The mole will be effectively removed with minimal or no scarring.

Laser Mole Removal Benefits

Laser mole treatment offers many advantages over conventional methods:

  1. Permanent results: The laser treatment has a high rate of success in permanently removing the moles.
  2. Less Scarring: Laser technology is precise and minimizes damage to the surrounding skin. This results in less scarring when compared with traditional methods.
  3. Fast and Painless: Laser removal of moles is a quick and painless process. The majority of treatments are completed in a matter of minutes, and the patient usually feels minimal discomfort.
  4. No Downtime: There is no downtime after laser mole removal. After the procedure, patients can immediately resume their normal daily activities.


Laser mole removal can be a reliable and highly effective option for those who want to remove moles permanently. Truly Permanent Beauty provides advanced laser mole removal in Kolkata by highly trained cosmetologists. With their safe and effective procedures, you can say goodbye to unwanted moles. Consult their experts to discover the options for permanent mole removal. Enjoy the beauty of flawless, clear skin.

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