Is manipulation a sin

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is manipulation a sin, manipulation is a psychological art the art of conveniening people right way so is manipulation a sin answers a clear 'NO'

is Manipulation a sin or an art?

the secret ingredient of long lasting relationship of success and work space and off the best in a room is manipulation a pinch of manipulation is whats species up your life in a way that's surprises view. without manipulation it is not possible for you to mark safe yourself from the trickery or techniques of manipulators who feed upon your insecurities. Once you realise you're unbeatable with the way you tackle manipulation, gas lighting, love bombing you win each and every relationship. so the answer to,' has a clear no with the deep and brief explanation. Let's delve further into what is manipulation, how to manipulate a manipulator or how to win every relationship

what is Manipulation?

Manipulation is an art of seducing others in a way that benefits you. They direct your approach, listen to what you say and act upon what you want. In short, you have this remote control on what they feel and what they want. Is manipulation a sin is clearly answered through the statement that 'Manipulation isn't a sin until and unless the boundaries and values of other person aren't hurt' You have to be very careful and play it super wisely cause what you sow is what you reap, in a way you'll hurt other person's sentiments or make them question their thoughts, somebody's going to repeat the same with you. In this scenario, is manipulation a sin is clearly answered with be very conscious and precise with every action and thought you're playing for your benefit.

The techniques of manipulation:

1 Love-bombing:

Is manipulation a sin? No. Just find out other people's insecurities and make them feel like the imperfections aren't there. Accept them. Give them a sense of belonging. Act like you'd never be bothered with whatever they lack and boom they're yours. 

2. Gaslight: 

Gaslighting means letting them question their beliefs, their thoughts, and at some point their entire existence. They rely their self on you. They feel like they won't live if you're not around. You become a big part of their delusion and reality. Is manipulation a sin is justified under this header.

3. Giving Attention:

Giving them attention and making them feel like you can't survive without them but letting them hold such small space that their presence or absence doesn't bother is tragic itself. Imagine fooling them into thinking they're what you want and they going around spending your day thinking about someone else. This is what affirmatively answers 'is manipulation a sin'

4. Mixed Signals:

Mixed signals are a way to go. Confessing I love you or saying you're what they want is what bores the other person so it's better to play your game with mixed signals. Confuse them. Let them wonder whether you love or not. Whether you love or not is what will keep them hooked and around.

5. Be confident:

Confidence is the key to everyone's heart. Your humour, intellect, and how you carry yourself is what decides the future of your relationship. Be confident in every aspect. Your posture, the choice of words, the way you think about yourself, everything counts and weighs you more on another's person's scale of judgement. So be sure and sure. Is manipulation a sin is denied with this trick.


we deeply analyzed is manipulation a sin above. It's clearly mentioned that until and unless no-one's sentiments are hurt, manipulation is okay. It is crucial in building relationships and other aspects of life. Overall, is manipulation a sin really depends on how and who's being manipulated.


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