Is the World of Entrepreneurship Meant For You?

Is the World of Entrepreneurship Meant For You?
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Now, you might be thinking of starting your own business, but you are hesitating because of all of the stories you have heard about the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. Now, all of these stories are true - but what makes you think that you are not up for the challenge?

To help make things more clear for you, here are a few signs we can share that will show you the signs of those who should follow their entrepreneurial instincts.

Being in Control

If there is one thing all entrepreneurs like, it's being in control. If you like being in charge and having people around who share the same vision as you, leading them towards success shows that you have what it takes to be an ideal business leader.

Constantly in Search For Achievements

You might be someone who is never satisfied with 'good enough' progress, a relentless spirit that is continually in search of improvement. They are also the kind of people who do not rest and love achieving the ideal goals they have set for themselves.

Taking Risks

Usually, most people would always avoid risks because they cannot stand the idea of paying the repercussions of their decisions, no matter how big or small. But if you love risk, the entrepreneurial career calls out to you. Business leaders have the keen ability to take calculated risks every day and have the strength to face the impact of their decisions.

Struggled to Fit In

Many veteran success entrepreneurs have always talked about how they have felt that they have never fit in with the concept of 'normal living.' They like doing things on their own terms and deciding things on their own. If you are someone who feels the same way, you might find that being an entrepreneur is your true calling in the business world.

There are many people who have felt these emotions as well and decided to take the entrepreneurial role. And as a result, they have found much success in their endeavors. For example, consider the work of Muzzammil Dhedhy, a revered Australian entrepreneur, businessman, financial innovator, and Islamic scholar. For several years now, he has been working as the Co-Founder of Hejaz Financial Services, which is a leading Australian Islamic Financial Services provider, including being the Co-Host of the Out of Interest Podcast.

Dhedhy holds several revered positions in the professional sector. For example, being the COO and Executive Director of Hejaz Capital Group where the establishment owns a number of subsidiaries - a few examples include the Hejaz Financial Services, Hejaz Asset Management, Hejaz Funds Management, and many more. Dhedhy has built the Hejaz Capital Group into a national conglomerate with over 70 employees - managing a portfolio of more than $1.5 billion and servicing over 8000 clients.

Moreover, when it comes to its community development activities, Hejaz Financial Services has contributed more than $6 million towards various community infrastructure projects since 2014. Soon after that, Hejaz approached the Equity Trustees to work with them to establish its Global Ethical Fund, and the company introduced a comprehensive Islamic home loan that was offered to Australian mortgage brokers via mortgage aggregators in 2021.

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