Islam Ki Sachai shows ways to do charity without spending money, as mentioned in an Islamic book in English

Islam Ki Sachai shows ways to do charity without spending money, as mentioned in an Islamic book in English

Selections from the Holy Book Islam Ki Sachai is a beautiful book containing a practical presentation of certain lessons we should imbibe from the Noble Quran. The book is very engaging and provides daily guidance as to how to live a fulfilling life while abiding by the recitations of Allah as mentioned in the Holy Text. The book is written in modern English for ease of comprehension. It consists of 365 verses to help us remember and practise these lessons each day of the year.

The book contains an introduction to Islam Ki Sachai

An English professor at Aligarh Muslim. Spiritually enriching and gives English-speaking readers a scope to learn about the Noble Quran’s origin, purpose, and style. Islam Ki Sachai means ‘to improve’ or do better in life. It involves implementing the knowledge compiled.

The Islam Ki Sachai Studies is in our daily lives for personal and societal development

Charity in Islam holds great importance. Let’s learn about 5 ways to do charity without spending money, as mentioned in Islam Ki Sachai in English: The eternal message conveyed to humanity by the Supreme

  1. Offer guidance to an elderly person to board a bus or help him or her with their luggage.
  2. Make peace and dissolve arguments between two people. Bringing justice by solving disputes is a rewarding act of charity described in theIslam Ki Sachai.
  3. Spread and propagate good words and messages about Islamic literature and culture. Spreading messages like the Ayat of the Quran and hadiths.
  4. Join in congregational prayers. Pray at least two of Dua every day to become His beloved through this noble charitable act.
  5. Show directions and guide a person to find an address with poor eyesight. Also, do not forget to smile. It is a great act of charity.

Now you can access Islam Ki Sachai in English and other languages

Before, it was very tough for English-speaking people to read the Quran. But now English-speaking people and people who speak other languages can avail themselves of the Quran in their desired language. And this surely makes reading the Quran easier and more convenient. So when you have the Quran in Urdu, it becomes easier for you to read and understand it.

Most of the time, Islam Ki Sachai-like books are written in English

And this is not a very familiar language for everyone out there. Only those who belong to Arab countries can read this book. To make it easier, the Noble Quran in Urdu is now available on the market. It’s a language that most Muslims like to know and follow. In so many Mosques across the globe, this language is used for interpretation purposes.


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