Japenese cars in Pakistan

Japenese cars in Pakistan
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22 November 2023

Today we will be talking about Japanese cars in Pakistan, Pakistan imports 1000s of Japanese cars
every year, according to statistics, in 2021 Japan exported $2.36B of goods to Pakistan, from which
$551M were Automotives (OEC).
Through our research, we have listed the cars that have been imported the most in the respective
price sectors. We will start our list with the most famous 660cc cars that are imported into Pakistan. These cars
are in the price range of 2,500,000 (25 Lac) to 3,700,000 (37 Lac). This list is not numbered and is in
no way hinting at which cars are better than which.

Suzuki Alto

The Suzuki Alto is a well-known car that is also available as a CKD unit in Pakistan (for more
information on what CKD means please click here), however the imported version of the Suzuki alto
is a much better version of the locally made Alto, it offers many more features and has airbags unlike
the locally assembled variants, the Japanese offer much more safety than the locally assembled
counterparts and also have a price difference, the Japanese being more expensive. This car is the most
well known for its fuel consumption as the 660cc engine outputs only 39HP therefore it gives a
mileage of up to 20km/l, which looking at fuel prices nowadays is attractive to most buyers in the
The Suzuki Alto comes in only 660cc petrol, with a 27L fuel tank this car is guaranteed to give you the
best mileage possible and with comfort, it offers all the basic features in most modern cars such as a
electronically assisted steering wheel, ABS, rear camera, keyless entry, and many more basic
The price of this Suzuki alto is from 30 to 37 Lac in Pakistan depending on the trim and variant.

Honda N WGN

The Honda N WGN is one of the better cars in the 660cc range that is imported into Pakistan, all
variants offer 6 Airbags and a fuel capacity of 30L, this vehicle comes in 3 different variants:
This is the simplest and most basic version of the N WGN that is imported, it is available in simple
steel rims, halogen headlamps, and no more company-fitted exterior modifications, however
something that is available in all of the variants is the comfortable sofa seats.
Emergency Repair Puncture Kit – Keyless Entry – Smart Key – Rear View Camera – Power Windows –
Power Steering – Retractable Mirrors – Tinted Glass – ABS – Central Locking System – Airbags – Rear
Wiper – Power door Locks – Defogger – Traction Control – ESS – VSA – HAS

N WGN Custom

This is the fully loaded variant of the N WGN, available with chrome-colored door handles, alloy rims,
projector headlamps, this variant is available with different company-fitted grilles and body kits
which affects the price. The features that the N WGN Custom offers that are different from the basic
version are the following :
Cruise Control – City Brake System – Side Curtain Airbags – Side View Camera – Tinted Glass
N WGN Special
This is the most powerful loaded variant of the N WGN, it comes with a company-fitted turbo
engine, which outputs a much higher speed than the basic versions, it also comes with fabric or
seats, and with an AWD system with a 4WD option, the other features that all variants of the Honda N
WGN offers the following –
4WD Option – Parking Sensors – HID Projector Headlights – Paddle Shifter – 360 Degree Super UV, Ir
Cut package – CTBA ( City Traffic Braking Active System )
The price of the N WGN ranges from 3,000,000 (30 Lac) to 4,200,000 (42 Lac).

Suzuki Wagon R Hybrid

The Suzuki Wagon R is another Japanese cars in Pakistan counterpart of the locally produced Suzuki Wagon R,
however, this version comes in a 660cc Petrol Hybrid, all variants of this car come with the same sofa
seat as the Honda N WGN and seat heaters as the driver and passenger seats. This vehicle comes
with 2 airbags for the driver and passenger and a moon roof. In terms of features the car offers the
most basic features throughout its variants, it retails in Pakistan from 3,000,000 (30 Lac) to
3,500,000 ( 35 Lac).

Honda N-One

The Honda N-One is a compact hatchback that Honda launched in 2012, with a distinctive
appearance it combines comfort and fuel efficiency, it features different driving modes, a fuel
capacity of up to 35 Litres and gives a mileage of u to 18 – 20 km/l.

Daihatsu move

The Daihatsu Move is one of the best cars available in this list of 660cc cars, as it offers many
features in its newest generation that most of the 660cc cars in this list do not offer, and no local
counterpart can rival the tech and features in this car.
The top-of-the-line variants offer a smart assist system, unrivaled air conditioning, multi-informational display, tachometer the best feature of this car is that it is on a single tank it can go
up to 810km to 900km. Next, we will move on to the bigger engines of Japanese vehicles available in Pakistan.

Toyota Vitz

The Toyota Vitz is no doubt the best vehicle in the 1000cc category, the car comes in different
variants of up to 1.5L, however, we cannot talk about all these variants in this blog so stay tuned for
a blog that is focused on the Toyota Vitz and its variants.
The Toyota Vitz does not offer a lot of features but as it is a Toyota there is nothing left to desire in
terms of reliability in any section of the car, the vehicle offers a 1000cc engine with good fuel
A hybrid car is a vehicle that uses both the output from the extra batteries, electric motors, and the
engine to output more power increase engine efficiency, and reduce petrol consumption. Due to
the rise of fuel prices in Pakistan over the last few years, hybrid cars have become much more
popular, they cost more than a vehicle utilizing a combustion engine however this cost can be
covered by the fuel efficiency they provide over the combustion engine. These vehicles are much
more feasible to use due to them utilizing both electric and fuel power, hence there is no range anxiety a
consumer has to be worried about, as is the case with electric cars.

Honda Insight

The Honda Insight’s 2 nd generation that was introduced to Pakistan was in no terms successful
because of the compact size of the sedan and the long hatchback shape, however, Honda introduced
the 3rd generation of the Insight and it came out with a bang, with a modern, sleek, and futuristic
look, the new Honda Insight comes in 3 variants:

Honda Insight EX

1498cc Automatic CVT Hybrid Petrol Engine producing the 151 hp, the defining features of this car
are its panoramic sunroof, front camera and keyless entry and remote windows
Honda Insight Touring
1498cc Automatic CVT Hybrid Petrol Engine producing 151hp, the features of this car that are
different from the EX is the upgraded sound system package.
Honda Insight EX Black Style
1498cc Automatic CVT Hybrid Petrol Engine producing the same 151hp, the defining features of this
car different from the lower variants are the following:
Brakes – Front & Rear Ventilated Disc
Suspension – Front & Rear Macpherson Strut

Seats – Leather with powered adjustment (Driver & Passenger)
Hill Descent Control – Available
17 Inch Spare Wheel
The Honda Insight comes at a price range of about PKR 10,000,000 /- (1 Crore) to PKR 14,000,000 /-
(1 Crore 40 Lac)

Honda Vezel

The next car we will be talking about is the Honda Vezel, another Japanese favorite hybrid in
Pakistan has been imported since it was launched, the Honda Vezel has been in the market
for a long time now, it offers a 1500cc Automatic CVT Hybrid Petrol Engine, the latest generation of
this vehicle is the 3rd generation, it has been face uplifted to a sleek and modern look and many
existing problems have been taken care of such as the gearbox faults in many of the older versions
upto 2017 had.

The Honda Vezel comes in the following variants:
Honda Vezel G

1500cc Automatic CVT Hybrid Petrol, the defining features of this car are the 8
airbags provided (Driver : Front & Side & Curtain – Passenger : Front & Curtain – Rear Passengers :
Curtain ), Heated Seats, Navigation, Push Start, 3 Different Driving Modes (Eco – Normal – Sport),
Climate Control, Cruise Control.

Honda Vezel e-HEV Z

1500cc Automatic CVT Hybrid Petrol, the defining features of this variant
added to the previous variant are: Power Boot, Cool Box, and Rear AC Vents.

Honda Vezel e-HEV X

1500cc Automatic CVT Petrol Hybrid, the defining features of this variant
added to the previous variant is the 2 tone interior (Bruno Leather & Black Combination).

Honda Vezel e-HEV Play

1500cc Automatic CVT Hybrid Petrol, the defining features of this variant
added to the previous variant are the Sun Roof, Moon Roof, and Ventilated Seats (Heated and cooled)
The Honda Vezel has had its fair share of problems in its older shape, such as the infamous CVT
Gearbox problem, however, Honda has decided to strengthen all parts of their new Honda Vezel and
has come out with a truly breathtaking car design with beautiful interior options. This car can be
found in Pakistan at the price range of PKR 130,000,000 /- (1 Crore 30 Lac) to PKR 170,000,000 (1
Crore 70 Lac).

Toyota Fielder

The Toyota Fielder is a famous car in Pakistan, especially in the northern areas (Peshawar and Swat)
due to the amazing fuel efficiency the Toyota Engines and hybrid systems provide and the power the
car outputs make it an outstanding vehicle in mountainous regions. The Toyota Corolla fielder
has many variants and subvariants, however, we will cover the lesser-known variants in another blog,
today we will be talking about the best-selling variant of the vehicle, the Toyota Corolla Fielder
Hybrid G.

Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid G 1496cc Automatic CVT Hybrid Petrol, the defining features of this car
are the abundance of airbags (8) and safety systems (Autonomous Emergency Braking, Blindspot
Detection, Lane Departure Warning System, Lane Keep Assist, Electronic brake-force Distribution,
Brake Assist, Anti-Lock Braking System) all of these features come with the best selling points of the
car, the Cool Box, Navigation, Alloy Wheels, Fog Lights, and Electronically Heated Side Mirrors.
The Toyota Corolla Fielder G Hybrid is a Toyota as it says in the name, therefore there is no question
about the reliability of the car build quality, and reputable engine quality. This car retails in Pakistan
at the price of PKR 6,000,000 /- (60 Lac).

Toyota CHR

The Toyota CHR is another great hybrid on our list of Japanese cars, the car is a compact SUV and
comes in a 1797cc Automatic CVT Hybrid Petrol Configuration. The car has many variants, however,
we will talk about the variants that are easily available in Pakistan.

Toyota CHR G

1797cc Automatic CVT Hybrid Petrol, the defining features of this car are the 4
airbags it offers (Driver and passenger), Rain Sensing Wipers, Cruise Control, Smart Key, and Tyre
Pressure Warning System.

Toyota CHR G-LED

this car offers the same features as the previous variant however the main
the difference in both of these variants is the configuration of the Interior leather colors and the availability
of LED Headlights and an exterior modification of a body kit.


The Toyota CHR is a Pakistani favorite due to the amazing fuel efficiency the Toyota engine shows,
this car gives up to 23Km/L! however this car lacks in comfortability, the rear seats are said to be
very tough to sit on for longer time periods and the Toyota CHR lacks headroom and leg space for
rear passengers due to the iconic shape of the car, however, the vehicle makes up for this in the front
with ventilated seats and a comfortable amount of legroom. This vehicle retails in Pakistan across
both these variants at PKR 8,000,000 /- (80 Lac) to 9,000,000 /- (90 Lac).
Now moving onto the SUV section of the Japanese vehicles available in Pakistan, Japanese SUVs are
very popular in Pakistan, however costly to maintain and purchase due to the high import duties on
the bigger engines in these cars, we will start off with the smallest engine available for purchase in
the SUV section.

Toyota Landcruiser Prado

The Toyota Landcruiser Prado is no newcomer to the Pakistan market, having been introduced 35
years ago the car made a place in the market and hearts of Pakistan and Pakistanis, known to be
reliable car lauded internationally this car is a perfect SUV. this car comes in different variants,
however today we will talk about the variants that are sold in Pakistan, and a special note to the now
discontinued TZ.G 4.0 .

Toyota Landcruiser Prado TX

2.7cc Automatic Petrol, this car comes in a powerful 2700cc engine
configuration, with a 4WD system capable of handling all kinds of terrain, it is not riddled with
features as the vehicles after this are, with only a 4WD configuration dial and a sunroof this car has
not much to offer in terms of technology but is a rugged vehicle perfect for the terrains and weather
of Pakistan, and as a family car, it can be driven in whichever way you like.
Toyota Landcruiser Prado TX.L – 2.7CC Automatic Petrol, this vehicle is the limited edition of the
previous variant, with extra features such as Ventilated Seats ( Heated & Cooled), Sunroof, Heated
Mirrors, Electronic 3rd-row seats, and a 360-degree view.

Toyota Landcruiser Prado TX.L

2.8cc Automatic Diesel, this is the diesel variant of the TX and TX.L, it
comes with a powerful 2800cc diesel engine and offroad features not available in the previous
variants, this car is not easily available in Pakistan as it is not a favorite of the Pakistani public,
however it is internationally loved due to it being diesel, the extra features that this car offers are:
Crawl Control, L4L/H4L/H4H Adjustments, and a locking differential.

Toyota Landcruiser Prado TZ.G 4.0

4.0cc Automatic Petrol, this vehicle is the best of the best in the
variants of the Prado, sadly it was discontinued in 2017 for unknown reasons, as some say it was too
powerful to handle and with similar features to the Toyota Landcruiser, it was an affordable
alternative to Toyota’s flagship car, this vehicle offers Crawl Control, MTMS, Hill Descent, Turn Assist,
With adjustable Air Suspensions, 2 Locking Differentials along the 4000cc petrol engine, this car truly
was a beast.

Toyota Landcruiser

The Toyota Landcruiser, one of the best selling Japanese cars in Pakistan

a staple in the economy of Pakistan, is used by politicians and gangsters to
businessman this car is the toughest car Toyota has ever had the pleasure of producing, introduced
over 30 years ago in the Pakistani automotive sector, the popularity of this vehicle has only gone
higher than it was before, and its rugged nature makes it a loveable car for everyone in Pakistan, this car
doesn’t mind the thinly surfaced broken roads of Pakistan, as it was built for that purpose and more,
truly the best-selling vehicle in the Japanese market Pakistan praised internationally as the
Australian saying goes “If you want to go to the jungle, go in a Land Rover, if you want to also come
back, go in a land cruiser”. Without further ado we will get into the different variants this car offers
in Pakistan.

Toyota Landcruiser AX.G

4600cc Automatic Petrol, this vehicle offers an airmatic suspension
coupled with 18-inch wheels, featuring offroading features such as the: Crawl Control,
MTMS, Hill Descent, hill descent control, 2 locking differentials, and adjustable H4L/L4L/H4H gear
Toyota Landcruiser ZX – 4600cc Automatic petrol, this is the top-of-the-line variant of the Landcruiser
and the defining features of this car are the adjustable airmatic suspensions, turn-to-assist, and with
exterior modifications such as a body kit, alloy wheels, and a ZX badging.
This vehicle is available at the following prices PKR 45,000,000 /- (4 Crore 50 Lac ) to PKR 53,000,000
/- ( 5 Crore 30 Lac) ( these prices are of 2018 models, respectively)

The new face uplift model of the Landcruiser available in Japan is quite rare in Pakistan due to the
high prices of custom duty and taxes, also known as the LC300, read our detailed blog about the car
in the upcoming days.

Lexus Lx570

The pinnacle of luxury, the Lexus LX570, a bigger and better version of the Landcruiser, produced by
the luxury sub-brand of Toyota; Lexus is a luxury vehicle that manufactures top-of-the-line
cars, such as the Lx570, a 5700cc Petrol car, without any more waiting, let’s get into the only variant
of the lx570.

Lexus Lx570

5700cc Automatic Petrol, this car is bigger and wider than the Landcruiser, with better
suspensions, road grip, and noise suppression this is the luxury version of the previous vehicle, with
the same features and more such as different driving modes, an Auto-terrain computer system, this
the vehicle comes in a modern and sleek look, used by businessmen worldwide it cannot get better than
this car, the bigger engine allows for a smoother drive, across all terrains, and the better suspension
allows for a more comfortable driving experience, this car also comes with memory seats,
electronically adjustable steering wheel and a top speed of 270Km/h, impressive for a vehicle this

Conclusion of Japanese cars in Pakistan

Here we have talked about the most famous and best-selling Japanese cars in Pakistan, if you
think we have missed any cars from our list please feel free to contact us to let us know so we
can add a detailed review about your favorite cars! While then you can use our compare feature on
our website to compare up to 3 cars you want to see the difference between, making it easier for
Thank you for reading another blog by pakiblogs.

In case you have found a mistake in the text, please send a message to the author by selecting the mistake and pressing Ctrl-Enter.
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