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Kasamba is an excellent alternative for people who are weary of sifting through novice psychics. Its 20 years of expertise and stringent psychic screening procedure guarantee that only the finest psychics are provided.

One can locate a psychic for every occasion thanks to a broad range of psychic reading categories, including astrology, career predictions, tarot readings, runes, and dream interpretation.

There is always someone accessible to help on Kasamba, so people will never have to wait too long for a reading. And if one is still unsure if Kasamba is appropriate for them, the first three minutes are free.

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Types of Kasamba Readings

Categories and a large range of readings are two of the main features of the Kasamba website. From love and romance to career predictions, Kasamba offers something for everyone. The following sorts of readings may be scheduled:

Spiritual Readings

These readings are more generic and begin with a query about the person, the future, or their life. The psychic will then connect to the individual’s energy and the energy of the inquiry in order to offer insight. Kasamba provides various kinds of psychic readings, such as aura readings, rune casting, and crystal readings. Even pet psychics and psychic mediums are available.

Intimacy and Relationships

Relationships may be challenging, but they are an extremely rewarding component of life. Therefore, it is useful to have someone to turn to for advice. More than 280 love and relationship psychics are available to assist people with their dating or romantic relationship.

The psychic will utilize techniques such as tarot cards and numerology to get information from the spirit realm in order to assist one in navigating the choppy seas of dating, divorce, and breakups. Because Kasamba is committed to ensuring that everyone feels comfortable utilizing their services, LGBTQIA+ friendly psychics are also available.

Career Prospects

The 195 professional psychics on Kasamba are adept at predicting the uncertainty of the working world. And with a pandemic disrupting the employment market, it is crucial to know what one’s career’s future holds.

The site’s career projections will illuminate the options. Its psychics provide specific and straightforward counsel to guarantee that people have the answers they need.

Tarot Card Readings

There are over 150 skilled psychics available for tarot readings. For those desiring particular readings, they provide cartomancy, which uses regular playing cards. Or, if one is searching for gentle counsel, the angel card readings can provide them with wisdom and comfort from angels and spirit guides.

Some of Kasamba’s tarot card readers may mix several sorts of readings if they believe that the person needs assistance that a single form of reading cannot supply.

Fortune Telling

There are other ways to predict the future than using tarot cards. The fortune-tellers of Kasamba employ a number of methods, including crystal spheres, pendulums, and astrology, to determine whether one is on the correct path in life. Every time people pick a new fortune-teller, they get three free minutes to guarantee a good match.

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Astrology Predictions

Numerous solutions may be found in the stars, and here is where astrologers can assist. Kasamba boasts over 80 psychics that specialize in in-depth astrological readings, so forget about simple horoscopes. Requesting an astrological chart that takes into consideration one’s birth date, time, and place may give the person particular advice about many aspects of their life.

In contrast to most other websites, one may pick between Chinese and Vedic astrology.

Dream Evaluation

The subconscious mind is far stronger than one knows. Over ninety of Kasamba’s top-rated psychics specialize in dream interpretation. The proper psychic may be able to throw light on what the subconscious is attempting to communicate via frequent or strange dreams. Some psychics interpret one’s dreams using their inherent talents, while others utilize tools such as the tarot.

Unique Features

There is a psychic reading for every occasion, which is one of Kasamba’s major draws. It provides career and love readings, tarot readings, psychic readings, and much more. Its availability through phone, email, and live chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, makes it a simple one-stop-shop for psychic readings. Moreover, it includes a user-friendly smartphone app.

Individuals may also send a message to a psychic they are interested in, detailing the fee they are prepared to pay for a reading, using the Kasamba platform.

This function is especially useful if folks locate a psychic whose profile makes them feel like they are the one, but their advertised pricing is beyond their budget.

The website also has a blog with several engaging articles on themes such as love and relationships, spirituality, and horoscopes. There is a love compatibility tool that allows folks to discover whether their star signs are compatible with that of their partner.

Love Forecast is one of the newest products accessible on Kasamba. Simply choose the sign, and the site will link the user with psychics who can predict love and relationship prospects for the remainder of the year.

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How to Use Kasamba

The Kasamba website is simple to browse, and registration takes just a few minutes. The only need is an email address. After selecting the “Sign Up” button at the top of the website, users establish a username and password and are then eligible for the 70% discount.

The website’s design makes it easy to choose a psychic who specializes in one’s preferred sort of reading. The top navigation bar enables users to choose a section and subsection. In addition, it allows them to sort psychics depending on their speciality, cost, and availability.

After locating a psychic with whom folks would like to speak, they just select Call or Chat. Not all psychics have both buttons. On Kasamba, psychics pick how they choose to conduct readings. While all psychics are accessible through chat, not all give phone readings. If a psychic is occupied with another client or offline, users have the option to be notified when they become available.

Clicking the Let’s Chat button leads them to a new page where they must provide their credit card information in order to continue. Kasamba provides new users with three free minutes of talk time with each new psychic they test. Unfortunately, people cannot redeem these three free minutes until they have provided their financial information, and after their free minutes have expired, the site will begin charging the credit card.

The drawback to this is that if the psychic picked doesn’t respond fast enough, the free minutes will pass without the user knowing anything, and because some psychics charge more than $20 per minute to communicate with them, the cost may soon accumulate.

However, one may connect with a psychic before purchasing by clicking their username rather than “Let’s Chat.” This link will take the user to their profile page, where one can learn about their skills and areas of experience. They may also read reviews that previous customers have written.

There is a button labeled “Request a Reading” located under the “Let’s Chat” button. This link takes one to a page from where a message may be sent to the psychic. This is an excellent time to share specifics about the sort of reading people are seeking as well as their circumstances.

They may also mention the amount they are ready to pay for this psychic’s services. This section is the most interesting since it allows the user to place a quotation that is less than the quoted price. It is up to them to accept or reject the offer.

The sending of this request is completely free. People will not obtain any insights from a psychic if they email them the questions they want to be answered. However, it allows the psychic to indicate whether or not they can supply the answers one needs. It also allows one to determine if they are a good fit.

In addition to its desktop website, Kasamba also offers a mobile app that is very intuitive and simple to use. The app enables users to click on a psychic’s rating and read many more reviews than the desktop site does, which is one of its advantages.

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Kasamba Price

Kasamba consumers pay per minute for their readings. The service enables psychics to determine their own charges, which vary from $1.99 to $30 per minute. With such a wide variety of pricing, it is essential to choose beforehand how much one is ready to pay. Since people can filter by price and get a 70 percent discount on their first session, it is simple to discover a psychic within one’s budget on Kasamba.

Kasamba is more costly than its rivals. Although it has significantly fewer psychics than its rivals, it gives a money-back guarantee for the first session of up to $50. Additionally, new users get the first three minutes for free. Thus it is feasible that their higher costs are justified.

In addition, setting up the first session is simple since one may pay using PayPal, Google Play, or a credit card.

Conclusion: Kasamba

Kasamba is a wonderful one-stop-shop for psychic readings, offering several discounts and risk-free trial minutes. People who are hesitant to utilize the website because of the exorbitant charges will be surprised by the quality of psychics and the attempts to maintain high standards for consumers.

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