Key Factors You Should Consider While Buying Security Cameras

Key Factors You Should Consider While Buying Security Cameras

Planning to go out on holidays soon? Before you do, think about buying security cameras to monitor your home. A camera can frighten a potential burglar or provide ample evidence against one in court. You can also use footage from a security camera to check who stalks your house while you’re gone or asleep. That said, not every camera is the same. So there are some factors you should consider while buying security cameras:

Video Resolution

The resolution of the recorded footage should be your primary consideration. The most costly you can aim for is 4K UHD resolution. However, you can still opt for surveillance cameras that record 1080p or 720p. Anything below those standards is too blurry. What’s the point of a security camera if you can’t recognize faces due to a blurry recording? You can buy a DS- face detection smart network IP camera for better security.

Storage Options

You won’t enjoy the benefits of surveillance cameras if they don’t offer decent storage options. Some might come with built-in hard drives, others with slots for external storage options, such as a micro SD card. If you utilize a wireless camera, check if you can use external hard drives or micro SD cards or immediately upload to a cloud network. 

Device Durability

Always think about the spots for cameras too. Most security cameras must stay outdoors, monitoring the porch, doors, or parking space. This means they’ll be under continuous exposure to the elements. Don’t purchase cameras that can’t bear heavy rain or strong winds. They’ll break, and you might be unable to recover the footage already captured by the device.

Primary Features

There are many important options for cameras to consider when it comes to surveillance. Get a camera that won’t start recording until something activates the motion or audio sensors.

Night vision is another priority. Some thieves wait for nightfall before they attempt to break into a home. Night vision ensures you’ll still see their faces. It’s also a good idea to get Colorvu  cameras that ensure safety by capturing high-quality, full-color video 24/7 with the same sharp rendering at night time as in daylight

Range of Vision

Does it have the ability to tilt up and down? If a surveillance camera can’t move in those four directions, don’t purchase it! The last thing you want is a limited range of vision. In addition, you won’t be able to monitor every corner, leaving blindspots that thieves could use to their advantage. Look for a camera that can zoom in too. This ensures you can get a closer look at a person’s face even if they aren’t directly in front of the surveillance camera. 

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