Choosing the right Laboratory Furniture can leave you in a fix! But to possibly begin? There is a lot to think about, from characteristics to customisations to particular requirements and regulatory guidelines when setting up a new laboratory or refurbishing an existing place. Furniture will stay with you for a long time, so the choice you make now will have outcomes for years ahead. Here are some points to analyse before you begin with the buying of laboratory furniture.

Laboratory Type


Laboratories come in various shapes and sizes. They meet your specific needs and the risks linked with them that differ from the industry they serve. Some important laboratories include:



–Analytical & Quality Laboratories


–Biosafety Laboratories


–Cannabis Laboratories


–Animal Laboratories


–Chemical Laboratories


–Cleanroom industry in India


–Educational Laboratories


–Clinical & Medical Laboratories


–Electronics Laboratories


–Research & Development Laboratories


–Production Laboratories


–Manufacturing Laboratories


–Radiological Laboratories


As laboratory set-ups can vary, understanding the type will assist deciding your furniture.


Wet Lab or Dry Lab?

When examining Laboratory Furniture, the designers will require to understand the laboratory’s proposed use exactly. Do you have a “wet” lab or a “dry” lab? Wet labs are where drugs, chemicals or other materials are handled essentially in liquid solvents. Several times there is a requirement for built-in sinks, chemical-resistant surfaces and eye wash stations. And at times, showers may be required, as well.

On the other hand, a Dry Lab is a place where a job is done with little amounts of dry compounds. These labs manage to control large parts of electronic devices for scientific computing standards or computer-generated experiments.

Fume Hood Essentials

Many labs make use of a fume hood for the security of their operators. When devising a plan, take significant considerations for laboratory space, where a fume hood is required. For instance, where will the fume hood be placed in the lab? The fume hood will alter airflow and influence energy performances. Installing a fume hood in the centre of a lab will have a distinct impact than fixing it in the corner of a lab. Several times, the position is defined based on security and ductwork demands. Choosing to place large objects such as a fume hood will allow additional laboratory furniture installation very efficiently.

Laboratory Efficiencies


The demands on laboratories to foster, present, and produce while operating with fewer resources has increased. There is a prominent need to discover new abilities in lab processes and treatment. National Laboratory Sales concentrates on the layout of custom laboratory arrangements. Their qualified lab design professionals will develop innovative solutions. With an extensive inventory, they will find a way to make your laboratory efficiently come together in the best way possible. Let them concentrate on the furniture while you concentrate on the execution.


Despite industry, most labs now are operating on shrinking budgets. When expanding, restoring, or establishing a new lab, several lab managers believe they require to cut design, innovative technologies, or sustainability to stick to the budget. But, because of constant and immediate cost planning, most projects are within their funds.

One of the answers to achieving this is “correct-sizing” the lab. Labs can scale up or down instantly as projects and staffing conditions change by spending on flexible lab furnishings. Before creating a 100% build-out to accommodate specialisation lab area, it’s usually sound to simply begin with infrastructure (energy and benefits) and turn it into the space as required. Combining flexible casework and workstations is a mere task. Suppliers like Trio India have in-stock inventories to avoid incomplete shipments and unnecessary wait intervals.

Shipping Duration


Lab furniture is a long-term investment that is fixed and not quickly reinstated. Several companies will take an order and then create the furniture. This method will take 2-3 months. Once created, the shipping and install duration will be done for another 2-4 weeks. Laboratory furniture from Trio India is slightly different. With a vast warehouse, furniture is already manufactured and available to be shipped. From purchase to delivery, a piece of custom lab furniture will reach in a subject of weeks, and a recently bought fume hood will be dispatched within a few days. If time is essential for you, especially in equipment like pharmaceutical cleanroom doors and Cleanroom Door knowing your claims as building a laboratory could be held if the shipping time is not counted.

Trio India is the site to start for your laboratory furniture and fume hood requirements. For help in choosing the right furniture and accessories for your laboratory, call or leave an enquiry here. Our consultant will contact you soon.



Choosing the right Laboratory Furniture is easy now! Just follow these simple tips and consider options like shipping duration, type of lab or pricing. Trio India is there to assist you.

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