Klik Klak vapes

Klik Klak vapes
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There is a new, revolutionary vape pod that is available at Vapor Shop Direct. It's never been seen before - let’s explore why.


Introducing Klik Klak vapes

If you've been a disposable vape enthusiast for a while, you may have already switched between many disposables vape brands. We know how you feel if you are craving new options and flavours. If you are looking for a disposable vape that doesn't just look different, Klik Klak vapes are just for you. Element E-liquids has introduced a new generation of disposable vapes that combine to provide two flavors and twice the power.


Klik Klak vape: what it offers

With the purchase of each Klik Klak vape, you will receive a single disposable vape pod to vape a delicious Element e-liquid flavour. A single pod will deliver 600 delicious puffs of vapor and last as long as the built-in battery does. There are no complicated buttons that need to be pressed when vaping, it is inhale activated. Klik Klak keeps vaping as simple as it gets.


Klik Klak vape: experience vaping with magnets

With Klik Klak, you can quickly create a new flavor with just 2 Klik Klak vape pods. Each Klik Klak vape has a built-in magnet that allows it to be 'clicked' with the other. Put simply, you can 'click' two disposable vape pods together to form a single, much bigger vape pod. The mouthpiece is designed to align seamlessly, forming a single wider mouthpiece when they are combined.


Klik Klak provides a better vape experience with their double-powered feature

By combining two Klik Klak disposable vapes, you are getting two batteries and two coils working to produce the same amount of vapor you inhale. In other words, you are doubling your vaping power. But it isn't just power you are doubling here; your new join vape pod has double the vape time provided by a single disposable vape. You get 1200 puffs out of your combined Klik Klak (the combined durability of each). So if you are worried about spending double for a 'combined flavour' vape pod, don't be. Buying two will not put you in the hole!


Klik Klak Double flavour

The whole intention behind combining two Klik Klak vapes together is forming a large number of flavours without having to buy individual vape pods for each flavour. Klik Klak vapes allows you to mix the two flavours in the two joined vapes. This gives you 55 different flavour combinations, with 10 base pairs of flavours. You are only limited by your imagination - keep on mixing them to renew and refresh your vaping experience each time!


Klik Klak vapes are today's newest way to vape

10 years ago, we had e-cigs across the market, today we have Klik Klak. Vaping has certainly come a long way! Klik Klaks are a new innovation to the disposable vaping market. Element e-liquid, the company that makes Klik Klak vapes brings a whole new level of flavour customizability by allowing you to click two Klik Klaks together to form an all-new flavour with double the power. The functionality of this product is unquestionably worth its price.


Klik Klak vape is now available

You can now buy Klik Klaks vapes at Vapor Shop Direct The first store carrying these new products is Vapor Shop Direct, and they are the only store currently with stock. A Klik Klak costs just £5.00 at Vape Shop Direct.

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