The international driving license in India is an official document that allows you to drive a vehicle in more than 150 international countries without any restrictions. Along with driving freedom, also allows you to translate your license issued in your country and drive legally in a foreign country. 

About international driving license 

The international driving license is an international driving permit authorized by United Nations. It is an official legal document that allows you to drive freely in foreign countries. 

It certifies that the account holder has a valid driving license in their home country. IDP helps people to translate their documents into several foreign languages. The international driving permit online consists of the photo, name, and driver information. This official document is valid in more than 150 countries. Ensure to have a valid passport and local driving license to apply for the IDP at  

Why you should get your IDP

The international driving license refers to a booklet that translates your driving license into various languages, according to the county where you move. 

If you plan to move to international countries, like Canada, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, etc. or drive there or even rent a vehicle, you should carry an international driving license. 

Role of valid IDP 

If you receive your international driving license from, it will be recognized worldwide. The recognition of IDP is where your local driving license is not valid. 

Because of the high recognition of international driving permit online, you are allowed to drive a vehicle in over 150 foreign countries. The best thing is that the IDP is recognized by rental companies and allows you to rent the vehicle and drive there without any hassles. Along with driving freedom and rent, IDPs work as language translators and reduce the barriers. 

Eligibility criteria for international driver’s license

There are specific eligibility standards to apply for an international driving license in India. Many countries charge nominal fees to issue you IDP. These fees are varied from country to country. Here is the eligibility that applicants need to meet to apply for an international driving license 

  • Applicant age should be more than 18
  • Must have the valid local driving license
  • Must have a valid passport 
  • Must complete the IDP application process with necessary documents and passport-size photos 

Documents you need to carry to apply for IDP

As it is important to fill out the application form to apply for an international driving permit, there is also a need to submit the necessary documents. Here is the list of important documents you should submit to apply for an international driving license 

  • Valid passport
  • Valid driving license
  • Valid medical certificate
  • Air ticket copy for verification purposes
  • Passport size photos 

How to apply for IDP in India

  • The first important step you should do is to visit the official IDP page,
  • On this website, you should click on apply now button
  • Once you click on it, you are navigated to another page where you see the application form
  • Before start filling the application form, you should read the complete instructions 
  • Now, start filling out the IDP application form and enter your personal information, like name, address, phone number, email id, country name, vehicle class, local driving license number, passport  number, and date of birth
  • You should also attach the necessary documents with this application form, like a passport copy, airport ticket copy, valid driving license copy, and copy of your date of birth
  • Agree to all terms and conditions given on the international driving permit page 
  • Submit your digital signature and head to the next step
  • After this, you should make the payments online, either by your debit card, credit card, etc 

Once you make payments, you get the confirmation that your IDP application has been successfully submitted. If all your information is verified by officials, you can instantly get your IDP 

Benefits of having valid IDP

There are various benefits of a valid international driving license in India if you decide to move to an international country. 

  • An international driving license allows you to drive a vehicle legally in more than 150 foreign countries. 
  • IDP is considered proof of your driving credentials and capabilities 
  • It states that you have a valid driving license in your home country
  • Valid IDP allows you to rent the vehicle legally without any trouble 
  • IDP is required by insurance companies and provides you coverage if any mishaps occur with your vehicle during your drive. In this way, IDP save you from any type of loss
  • You can choose the specific IDP from three different types of IDP according to your driving requirements