Lamar Van Dusen, An Icon in the Business Industry

Lamar Van Dusen, An Icon in the Business Industry

Lamar Van Dusen is a young and talented person who is willing to offer his help with services, assistance, and advice in the fields of finance, management, and accounting. He is a Canada Entrepreneur based in Canada.


Me. Dusen's primary job is to serve as director of Phoenix management. Phoenix management. It is a finance and accounting management company. It is located in Ontario, Canada. The company provides every service, from consultancy to bookkeeping. They also provide services in the field of advertisement and a business strategy.

He is a significant and rising participant in the business community in Ontario. He has a vast knowledge of the corporate world and also in managing finances. He has worked in a variety of areas. His contributions are recollected in the areas of business analysis, financial analysis, marketing, hiring, staffing, sourcing, as well as sales.


Me. Lamar is a graduate of training in the areas of business administration and marketing at Saint Clair college. Lamar also graduated with a commerce degree at Windsor University.

Early Efforts:

After finishing his studies after which, he entered the world of business practice. He also has worked on advanced presentation products as the Vice President of Sales. He has gained a wealth of knowledge base and was exposed to sales and marketing. He was able to master presentation and the art of convincing people to purchase your products and services. He's done a fantastic job as Vice President of Sales; since his time in office, the sales of the business increased from sixty thousand to one million. 10,000,000 was the total revenue from sales, with the assistance of the sales team that was under his supervision and support.


Phoenix Management:

Lamar van Dusen passed the way for The Phoenix management in 2010. He was primarily serving his clients when establishing The Phoenix business. He aids his clients in creating a complete business plan. He also assisted in securing the financial resources needed by the owners of independent businesses. It was a side venture alongside his own company.

Since he owned his own business, Phoenix management grew its roots. He began providing clients with additional services. Then, he began to expand his business and began providing full services of bookkeeping to corporate accounting. As part of his time in the Phoenix direction, he provided clients assistance and expertise in the areas of financial consulting and management of businesses, making business plans, tax planning small business loans and government grants, and strategic advisory services.

The Employees At The Phoenix Management: Phoenix management:

Mr. Lamar has a staff of official status and has a physical office too. He had full-time staff at his office. He has two CPAs, two employees for administrative tasks, and two bookkeepers. Together with the entire team members, Mr. Lamar is able to manage a diverse and wide range of clients.

Charges and A Feeling At Phoenix Management: Phoenix management:

Flat monthly fees are the most basic and most well-known feature of Phoenix management. The business pays a one-time monthly fee. The one-time monthly fee helps to keep the books and accounting process for business owners significantly simpler and less complicated. Clients also show an interest in the service because paying a monthly fee, it reduces the potential for hidden charges and fees and additional costs. The phonics management, under the direction of Lamar Van Dusen, is providing exceptional services through an idea that is unmatched in the field of accounting. Mr. Lamar has presented the concept very interestingly.

Participation in The National Business Industry:

Mr. Lamar Van Dusen is an active and influential representative, as well as an active member of Canadian professional associations. This indicates his keenness for the national business sector. He is a full member of the Canada chamber of commerce, as well as of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

What is La Mar Do in His Free Time?


Being a business-minded person, Mr. Lamar is not one to take the precious time of his clients. He is always taking part in sports of his preferred choice. He enjoys playing football. He also wants to remain fit and healthy to achieve this, he works out at the Gym at least four times a week. He also enjoys spending quality time with his players. He enjoys coaching his son's football team. He also teaches them the rules and tactics of the game. He also enjoys going on fishing trips, which are extremely rare for him because of his hectic schedule. He is a supporter of Camp Bucko. Camp Bucko operates in Ontario and aids children who have suffered burns within the age range 7-17.

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