Learn uses of SAM tools to automate processes with Certified Software Asset Manager Certification

Learn uses of SAM tools to automate processes with Certified Software Asset Manager Certification
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08 September 2023

Certified Software Asset Manager Certification establishes a universal standard for excellence in Software Asset Management, offering individuals a competitive edge in their careers.

By obtaining the Software Asset Manager Certification from GSDC, individuals not only validate their expertise but also gain access to a wide array of opportunities for career advancement.

Here's how SAM tools can be used to automate processes, along with the importance of SAM certification:

1. Inventory Management:

- SAM tools can automatically discover and catalog all software assets across the organization's network, including details like version numbers and installation dates.
- Automation ensures that the inventory is always up to date, reducing manual effort and the risk of errors.

2. License Compliance:

- SAM tools can compare software installations with the organization's purchased licenses.
- Automated alerts and notifications can be set up to detect and address any compliance issues promptly.

3. License Optimization:

- SAM tools analyze usage data to identify over-licensed or under-licensed software.
- Automation can suggest reallocation of licenses or purchasing additional licenses as needed, optimizing costs.

4. Reporting and Dashboards:

- SAM tools generate automated reports and dashboards that provide insights into software usage, compliance status, and cost-saving opportunities.
- Scheduled reports can be sent to relevant stakeholders, keeping them informed without manual intervention.

5. Vendor Audits:

- Automated data collection and reporting capabilities in SAM tools simplify the preparation for vendor audits.
- Organizations can quickly provide accurate records to auditors, reducing audit-related stress and potential penalties.

Software Asset Management Certification equips you with the skills to automate processes, optimize licenses, and maintain compliance. 

CSAM Certification offered by GSDC serves as a highly esteemed credential, particularly valuable for those aiming to propel their careers within the realm of SAM. 

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