Learning Arabic for non-Native | Learn Quran Online

Learning Arabic for non-Native | Learn Quran Online
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Learning Arabic for non-Native | Learn Quran Online

Learning Arabic for the purpose of studying the Quran is a noble pursuit. If we talk about Learning in 2023 it’s easy. We have the option of Online Quran Classes for kids and adults. Here are some steps you can follow to learn Arabic specifically for understanding the Quran

Start with the basics

Begin by learning the Arabic alphabet and pronunciation. Familiarize yourself with the different sounds and letters unique to the Arabic language. There are various online Quran Classes as a resource, textbooks, and mobile applications available that can help you with this initial step.

Learn basic grammar

Understanding Arabic grammar is essential for comprehending the Quran. Start by learning basic sentence structures, verb conjugation, noun declension, and other grammatical rules. This will provide you with a foundation for understanding the Quranic text.

Build your vocabulary

As you progress, focus on expanding your Arabic vocabulary. Begin with commonly used words and phrases in the Quran. Learning Arabic vocabulary related to Islamic teachings and concepts will enable you to grasp the meaning of Quranic verses more effectively.

Study Quranic vocabulary and phrases

The Quran has its own unique vocabulary and phrases. Study the common words and phrases found in the Quran, as this will help you better comprehend the text. There are specialized Quranic vocabulary books available that can assist you in this regard.

Take Quranic Arabic courses

Consider enrolling in structured Quranic Arabic courses either online in Online Quran Classes for kids and adults or in person. These courses are designed specifically for non-native speakers who aim to understand the Quran. Such courses often focus on teaching vocabulary, and grammar, and providing insights into the linguistic and literary aspects of the Quran.

Seek the guidance of a teacher

Finding a knowledgeable Arabic teacher or tutor who specializes in Quranic studies can greatly enhance your learning experience. They can help clarify any questions or difficulties you may encounter during your study of Quranic Arabic.

Practice reading the Quran

Regularly practice reading the Quran in Arabic. Start with simpler chapters and gradually progress to more complex ones. Aim for a balance between understanding the meaning of the text and improving your Arabic skills.

Engage with native Arabic speakers

Try to engage with native Arabic speakers, whether through language exchange programs, online communities, or local mosques. Conversing with native speakers will provide you with valuable exposure to the language and help you practice your Arabic skills.

Be consistent and patient

Learning Arabic, especially for the purpose of understanding the Quran, requires dedication and consistency. Practice regularly, be patient with your progress, and maintain a positive mindset.

Important Note

Remember, learning Arabic for the Quran is a lifelong journey. Enjoy the process, and may your efforts lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Quranic text.

Are online Quran Classes the best option in 2023?

Here are some reasons why online Quran classes for kids and adults can be a great option in 2023:


Online Quran classes offer flexibility in terms of scheduling. You can choose the days and times that work best for you, making it easier to fit the classes into your busy schedule. This flexibility allows you to learn at your own pace and convenience.


With online classes, you can learn from the comfort of your own home. There is no need to commute or travel to a physical location, saving you time and effort. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Modified attention

These Quran classes often offer one-on-one or small group sessions, allowing for personalized attention from the Online Quran teacher. This personalized approach enables the teacher to focus on your specific needs, and progress, and address any questions or challenges you may have.

Communicating learning tools

Many online Quran platforms incorporate interactive learning tools, such as virtual whiteboards, audio, and video recordings, and shared screens. These tools enhance the learning experience by providing visual aids and multimedia resources to facilitate understanding.

Footages for revision

Online Quran classes often provide recordings of the sessions, allowing you to review the lessons at your convenience. This feature is particularly helpful for revision and practice, ensuring that you can revisit the material whenever needed.

How to find online Quran classes in 2023

To find online Quran classes in 2023, follow these steps

Research reputable online Quran academies or platforms

Look for well-established and reputable online platforms that specialize in teaching the Quran. Read reviews, check their credentials, and consider their teaching methodology and approach.

Assess the qualifications and experience of the teachers

Look for Online Quran teachers who have expertise in teaching Quranic Arabic and Tajweed (the proper pronunciation and recitation of the Quran). Check their qualifications, experience, and any testimonials from previous students.

Evaluate the curriculum and teaching approach

Review the curriculum offered by the online Quran academy or platform. Ensure that it aligns with your learning goals and covers the necessary topics such as Arabic grammar, vocabulary, and recitation. Consider the teaching methods they employ to determine if they are suitable for your learning style.

Check the class format and schedule

Look into the class format offered, whether it is one-on-one or in small groups. Consider your preferences and choose the format that suits you best. Additionally, check the class schedule and ensure it aligns with your availability.

Take a trial class or a demo

Some good online Quran academies offer 7 days of free trial classes or demos to prospective students. Take advantage of these opportunities to assess the teaching style, teacher-student interaction, and overall quality of the classes.


Learn Quran online in Online Quran classes for kids and adults can be an excellent option for individuals seeking to learn and understand the Quran, especially for non-native speakers. They offer flexibility, accessibility to qualified teachers, convenience, personalized attention, and interactive learning tools.

With the advancement of technology and the availability of reputable online Quran academies, individuals can now easily connect with experienced tutors from around the world, regardless of their location.

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