Leonardo DiCaprio was caught with a 19-year-old model

Leonardo DiCaprio was caught with a 19-year-old model
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After George Clooney found marital happiness, Leonardo DiCaprio became Hollywood's first bachelor. The actor's personal life is the talk of the town, because Leo has one interesting trait. You see, the star of "Titanic" tends to meet only girls under 25 years old. And this despite the fact that Leo himself in a couple of years will be over fifty! Fans of the artist usually refer to the whims of an idol with a sneer. But Leonardo DiCaprio's new romance has outraged even the most loyal fans! It seems that this time the actor has really gone over the edge... News from the Style section.

Leonardo DiCaprio's new romance

Leonardo DiCaprio

Hollywood Don Juan

For that, how many girls managed to crush the head Di Caprio, have ceased to follow even the curious paparazzi. List of only the official novels Leonardo has several dozen items! And that does not take into account the many intrigues, hookups, affairs and courtship semifriends. Get the attention of DiCaprio is easy, but to keep him by your side - madly difficult!

Leonardo DiCaprio

In this case, the first bachelor in Hollywood is childless and has never been married. The closest thing to the altar, Leo came when he met with Egyptian supermodel Bar Refaeli. In summer 2010, DiCaprio and Rafaeli even almost got engaged! But by May 2011 the lovers broke up for good.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Unpleasant habit

There is one sin behind Leo. Fans have long noticed that every time the actor broke up with a girl when his chosen one reaches the age of 25 years. The only exception to the rule was Gigi Hadid, who at the time of the relationship with Leo was 27. DiCaprio is usually guided by the principle: the younger, the better.

Leonardo DiCaprio

That's just over the years, the habit of the artist began to condemn even the most loyal fans. In fact, it is difficult to have a positive attitude towards the almost 50-year-old man whose hobby is to seduce 19-year-old beauties. "Leo, it's time to call it a day. This stopped being fun 10 girlfriends ago!" - fans wrote to the actor.

The current passion

A flurry of public outrage has also caused DiCaprio's supposed new lover, Israeli model Eden Polanyi. The other day, the couple was spotted at a party in Los Angeles. The model and the actor sat side by side and talked, completely ignoring everyone around them. Rumor has it, this is how Leo charms his passions...

Leonardo DiCaprio's

Fans of the actor did not like the fact that a possible lover of their idol is barely 19 years old. Indeed, when DiCaprio became famous worldwide for "Titanic", Polanyi was not yet in the project! Thousands of fans are urging Leo to settle down and end an unpleasant habit.

Eden Polani

On the one hand, official sources claim that there is nothing between DiCaprio and Polanyi. On the other hand, why would the actor hide, pulling a cap over his eyes? And in general, the very need to explain himself in such a situation is a bad sign for Leonardo. It is unlikely that Leo is smiling from a hero-lover to turn into a seducer of young maidens...

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