Let's See 7 Best Nacho Libre Quotes

Let's See 7 Best Nacho Libre Quotes
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04 October 2022

Nacho Libre Quotes: Jack Black portrays a monastic orphanage cook who is a luchador at night. It's full of funny lines that make us laugh.

Nacho Libre, Jared Hess' second directorial effort, is one of Jack Black's most memorable comedy roles. The story is about a monk who works as a cook and a wrestler at night. Although the film did not make much money at the box office, many still love it.

The film has so many funny lines. From Ignacio's humble beginnings as a luchador to the triumphant victory over Ramses, it is full of hope, heart, and flatulence-related humor.

Updated November 27, 2021, by Tanner Fox. Jack Black has been a controversial actor over the years. He's played leading roles in classic comedies like School of Rock and also appeared in films like Gulliver's Travels. His role in the Jumanji reboot has helped him resurrect his career.

His low-brow humor appeals to children, making him ideal for the role of Nacho Libre (2006). Although the movie wasn't his best, Jack Black fans quote lines from it fifteen years later.

Nacho Tells A White Lie

"I Saw a Bum Here"

Nacho has trouble hiding his dual life. He has the children to look after, and Sister Encarnacion, his colleague and love interest must also be kept away from him.

Nacho's excuses for why he keeps running away are not always convincing. Although he claims he is helping his religion by supposedly spreading the good news to a needy person, it's not always convincing.

Nacho Explains His Backstory

"They tried to convert each other, but they got married instead--then, they died."

Sister Encarnacion invites Ignacio to her room, and they have an awkward conversation over toast. Encarnacion prompts Ignacio to explain his backstory and how his parents, who are from very different backgrounds, met.

He then tells her they were both trying to convert but ended up getting married. Then he curtly told her they had died before whipping out a photo of them that he had kept in his robe.

Nacho talks about his "Recreational Clothes."

"Beneath the Clothes, we Find A Man, and Beneath the Man, We Find His... Nucleus."

Nacho always tries to impress his sister. When Nacho is caught in his "recreational" clothes, he tries reminding her that despite how well-dressed he looks, he's still just a man.

This is a bizarre line, and he doesn't seem to know where it's leading. He tries to make himself more comfortable, but he finally reaches the "nucleus," which doesn't make sense to Sister Encarnacion or the audience.

Nacho Gives Steven An Impromptu Baptism

"Tonight, we are going up against Satan's cavemen. I thought it might be a good idea if you praise the Lord."

Ignacio and Esqueleto are at odds over religion. Ignacio insists on his faith, while Esqueleto asserts that he is a man of science.

Ignacio brings up the matter before a Luchador match. Esqueleto doesn't move. Nacho, worried about his friend's salvation, fills a bowl of water and quickly dips his partner in it several times, shouting this quote. This gives him an emergency baptism before the match.

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Nacho Always Pays His Debts

"Jesse, I Owe You 4.99 Plus Tax."

Nacho attempts to be a man for the people but few in the monastery like him. Maybe it's his quirks or poor cooking, but nobody in the area really likes him.

His alter-ego, however, eventually makes the public smile. In a humorous moment, the eagle-inspired wrestler offers tax on the money he owes to people.

Nacho Tries To Improvise Some Lyrics

"I am singing at this party."

Nacho is a singer, but he struggles to perform when asked. He's often forced to sing at a Ramses party.

Nacho begins singing with a confused band behind. His guest of honor doesn't like it and throws a glass in his face.

Nacho Isn't Hungry

"Get that corn outta my face!"

The film is full of jokes about things to the head. Nacho is obsessed with personal space, no matter what it may be.

Esqueleto offered Nacho corn on a stick in the middle of an angry moment. Nacho shouted at Esqueleto in frustration and swatted away the corn. This iconic scene will be remembered for a long time.

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