Letter of complaint: how should it be written?

Letter of complaint: how should it be written?
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The complaint letter is very useful for asserting your rights as consumers, in the event that there are any inefficiencies, problems, delays or malfunctions. It must be written respecting some formal rules, it must contain all the important information and must always have a respectful tone.

We all know it very well, things don't always go as we imagined them. When we buy a good or a service, some more and less serious problems may arise, which we must solve.

Now with the consolidation of new technologies it is possible to buy practically everything through the internet, simply with a click. It happens, in fact, that while we are comfortably seated on the sofa of our house, in the evening or at the weekend, we start to browse the catalogs of various sites, looking for the products of our interest, such as a pair of shoes, trousers, a technological gadget and even food shopping.

It's all very easy and fast, and we can thus have more free time to devote to our loved ones, without thinking about shopping in crowded shopping centers. But it doesn't always go smoothly.

Buying remotely we must be very careful, precisely because we do not see with our eyes what we are actually paying for. If the goods do not meet our expectations we can contact customer service or write a letter of complaint if we need more concrete answers.

Complaints are not only useful for online purchases, but are used to dispute any unsatisfactory service or product.

For example, a telephone company could include costs not covered by the contract on the invoice, or a product purchased in a physical store could malfunction.

In any case, before proceeding it is necessary to understand how to write a letter of complaint correctly to avoid frustrating the efforts.

What is a complaint?

In the face of malfunctions or inefficiencies , consumers can make a complaint, that is, they can dispute what happened, to see the right to receive a good or service compliant with what was promised restored.

First of all it must be emphasized that every time we pay to receive something we are not doing someone a favor, we are paying money, and for this reason we have the right to complain if something goes wrong.

If we want to assert our reasons, however, we must behave in the right way. Often, in fact, the first reaction is to call a number dedicated to customer assistance, and expose the facts in an arrogant way, perhaps even offending the operator who is trying to understand what happened.

Such behavior is counterproductive. , our interlocutor will not be well disposed towards us, and will hardly find an adequate solution. Furthermore, if we are in a state of nervousness we will find it very difficult to correctly express our problem in a clear and precise way.

The first piece of advice, therefore, is to think about what happened, trying to understand the situation and only later we have to make a complaint, even to a dedicated call center. In any case, when we present the facts we must be very clear and precise, without wandering too much, perhaps even proposing a possible solution.

Sometimes, however, despite repeated reports, we fail to obtain adequate answers, and we resign ourselves. This is quite normal, but before throwing in the towel, you need to know that it is possible to proceed through a more "official" way, by writing a letter of complaint.

Why write a letter?

Nowadays we are all subscribers to different services and make a lot of purchases, including online. Every time we make a transaction we are signing a contract with a company or a professional. If one of the parties involved does not fully comply with the provisions, the other has the right to challenge the situation.

Certainly there are many effective customer support services, able to provide quick and comprehensive answers , but unfortunately this is not the norm.

To assert yourself, you need to put aside your anger and disappointment, and calmly think about what happened. Then we can start writing the formal letter , to be sent to the company.

With a letter of complaint we are creating evidence that could have legal value if we decide to go to court.

How should it be written?

The letter of complaint should be addressed to the customer service department of the company in question, or better still to the manager if we can trace the name. Commonly you can find the information on the website.

In any case, we must address the recipient in a formal tone , so if we are addressing a person it should be written "Dear Sir / Madam", if it is a company "Dear".

It is very important not to dwell too much in the story, it is useless to insert irrelevant details, the aim is to make people understand what happened with a few words, simple, direct and exhaustive. In general, you should never write more than one page.

The following must be indicated:

  • the date
  • the hour if possible
  • the place of purchase
  • the order number
  • any serial number, product code, or invoice number

In particular, we must provide all the useful details to allow our recipient to quickly understand what we are talking about.

It is also useful to propose a solution to resolve the issue, thus specifying how the complaint could be resolved: product replacement, refund, etc.

To be more precise, it is also advisable to attach a copy of receipts, receipts, invoices, to prove the transaction.

Mistakes not to make

To write a truly effective complaint letter we must avoid making the following mistakes, frequently made by consumers:

  • get the recipient wrong : it is important to spend some time checking and verifying what the appropriate office address is
  • forget to indicate the basic data : name, surname, tax code, order number, contract code etc. write too much: the text must be concise and effective
  • do not make a specific request: the complaint must not be an end in itself, but must indicate what you want to achieve
  • surrender at the first attempt : if we do not receive any answers, we can urge the company further, even by contacting a consumer association or a lawyer .


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